FOX Renew/Cancel: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Likely to be Renewed

Certain Cancelation/Ending
Likely Cancelation
Leans Cancelation
Leans Renewal
Likely Renewal
Certain Renewal 
New Girl (Ending)
The X-Files
The Last Man On Earth
Bob’s Burgers
The Simpsons
The Exorcist
The Mick
LA to Vegas
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The Resident
The Orville

Family Guy
The Gifted

Lethal Weapon



Prediction Changes
-Brooklyn Nine-Nine up to a Likely Renewal
-LA to Vegas down to Leans Renewal
-The Mick up to Leans Cancelation
-Ghosted down to Likely Cancelation

Why Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine A Likely Renewal?
Brooklyn Nine-Nine really did not take its recent Tuesday days kindly, but that could have to do with the incompatible matching. While it doesn’t seem like it’ll meet advertiser’s expectations for the season, an exception will likely be made for a show that is retaining from The Simpsons in the spring. I wouldn’t be surprised with the 6th season being 18-22 episodes, but held for midseason. Best to let something else enjoy the football halo in the fall. With many shows having their casts under 6-season contracts, it shouldn’t be tough to renew it. Additionally, this could spell bad news for previous time slot occupant, Ghosted, which has been pushed down one column.

On The Mick and LA to Vegas
Neither LA to Vegas nor The Mick are doing all that great, and FOX may think they can do better with shows like The Orville or The Gifted there next season. I can’t imagine either of them being too expensive though should they decide to give them another shot. Right now, I’m giving the edge to LA to Vegas since it is closer to meeting advertisers’ expectations than The Mick, though it is still not too close to them. Plus, The Mick received a huge marketing push and hasn’t capitalized all that much.

Recent episodes of The Mick have been small successes all things considered, though. If in upcoming weeks we see LA to Vegas stuck at 0.6s and Mick up to 0.8s, I may have to change my mind. In general though, FOX comedy is tough to predict as many are of similar strength and ratings.

What do you think of my predictions? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to leave your own!

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