USA Announces Season Premiere Dates for Colony, Queen of the South, Shooter

USA announced today the third season premiere dates for three of its dramas, sci-fi drama Colony, crime thriller Queen of the South, and action thriller Shooter.

Colony returns on Wednesday, May 2, and will air at 10:00. The other two dramas will air on Thursday, both returning on June 21, with Queen of the South airing at 9:00, and Shooter airing at 10:00.

Colony premiered in January for both of its first two seasons, of 10 and 13 episodes each, but is returning later this season for its third season, which is 13 episodes like the second, and it is moving nights, as it aired on Thursday in its first two seasons. Queen of the South regularly premieres in June, but this season is making a move to 9:00, as it aired at 10:00 in its previous seasons. Shooter aired in the fall in its first season, after its premiere kept getting pushed back due to real-life events, and in the summer in the second season, which was cut short to eight episodes after series star Ryan Phillippe was injured.

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