Superior Donuts Season 2 Episode 15 Review

In this episode of Superior Donuts, Arthur's plan to bribe the health inspector goes south when a new, and more by the book, inspector comes in. Also, after Randy passes the detective exam, she is asked by her former supervisor to talk with a rookie who filed sexual harassment claims against him. I am very excited for this episode, since it has Randy back at work, which was one of my favorite pilots from season one, and it had a pilot with Arthur that I've always wanted, his precious shop being examined.

The episode begins with Arthur saying that every year when the health inspector comes, he gives the guy a bottle of scotch, and Arthur gets a passing grade. Franco thinks that the regulations are important, while Fawz goes to Arthurs side in the debate. Randy then comes in saying that she passed her detective exam. I was really happy to hear that since she gets to go back to work, which I loved in season one. Then, Irene, the new health inspector walks in and says that she's replacing the old guy while he's at rehab. Franco then leads Irene to the kitchen, preventing Arthur from bribing her in any way.

After Irene leaves, Franco encourages Arthur to fix the issues in the shop, but Arthur insists on not giving up n bribing Irene. Randy is them having coffee with her former supervisor, Ted. Ted said that a female rookie cop reported him to HR, and he asks for Randy to talk with him. Sophia tells Randy that she should hear what the cop has to say before immediately assuming that she misread Ted. Irene then comes back and gives the awful report to Arthur. Fawz then works on Arthur's side and tries to find something to bribe Irene with. Fawz then suggests that Arthur could go on a date with Irene as a bribe, since Irene seemed to like Arthur.

The next morning, Arthur comes back from a date with Irene, and he says that they had a nice time at the theater. Franco is not happy about it, while Fawz was. Randy comes in saying that it was just a dirty jokes that caused the complaint from the cop. Sophia convinces Randy to tell the cop to speak out against the "boys club" at work. Irene then walks in and finds out that Arthur was just on a date with her to bribe her. She said that it was illegal, and she was going to report it.

Randy runs into Ted when she was practicing shooting, and she says that she spoke to the cop. Ted says that the cop needs to learn to take a joke, since he shouldn't have gotten reported for just a joke. Randy then takes the cops side and says that the guys would be angry if the girls didn't laugh. She says that the treatment that she got back then was not fun, and she was too afraid to speak out. After Randy says that she will back the rookie cop at HR, and Ted says that she no longer has his recommendation.

Arthur then finishes the repairs, and Randy tells the shop that she decided to back the cop. She got an assignment uptown, while Ted and the rookie cop have a hearing next week. A man walks into the shop saying that Arthur is fined $1,000 for bribing a city official. Arthur then bribes that guy with the bottle of scotch that he was supposed to give the old inspector. Franco is very disappointed in Arthur.

I really enjoyed this episode of Superior Donuts. Both storylines were great, and they were both very creative. It was great to see Randy go back to work because I missed that about the show for most of season two. I liked to see a disagreement between Sophia and Randy, since I find that Randy mostly fights with Arthur, Franco, and Fawz. Also, Katey Sagal and the guest stars were great in this episode. This episode was easily one of my favorite episodes this season. There were many funny moments during the episode. My only complaint about the episode is that Tush's random remarks were extremely repetitive and annoying.

Score: 9.5/10

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