Superstore S3E16 Review

It's Cloud 9 versus Target this week on Superstore, when Jeff goes to work for Target, and Glenn believes that Jeff is trying to poach his employees, so he tries to poach Target employees, as a total battle between Glenn and Jeff ensues.

S3E16 "Target"

The episode begins with a going away party for Jeff, which is hilariously awkward. The best moment here is when Sandra shares the memories that she had made up when she pretended that she and Jeff were dating. Garrett claims that Jeff offered him more money to work at Target to try to get a raise, but it ends up leading to conflict between Glenn and Jeff. This conflict goes a bit over-the-top, but it is fairly funny. Glenn and Garrett go to Target to try to poach their employees, but it doesn't really work. There ends up being a really funny twist, when it turns out that Jeff doesn't actually work at Target, he just said that he does because he doesn't want people thinking that he's unemployed. This twist makes it really funny when Glenn mentions Jeff to someone at Target.

Dina asks Amy to go on a double date with her. The way that she convinces Amy to go is very funny, as she shows a picture to Justine that makes Amy want to go, but then it turns out that the picture is very old. Amy, having a horrible time on the date with the old guy, spends a lot of the time away from the table, pretending that she needs to talk to the beverage vendor that goes to Cloud 9. They have a good time talking, and at the end of the episode he shows up at Cloud 9, despite it not being the day that he is supposed to go there.

Jonah and Kelly are talking about moving in together, but Jonah is being really obnoxious, as he has complaints about every potential apartment. The two end up making a furniture display to demonstrate the size of one apartment they are looking at, and it is pretty funny when they tell others that they were asked to make a display, especially when Mateo struggles with the idea that Glenn asked Jonah to make a display, not him. In the end, Kelly asks him if he really wants to move in with her, and later he realizes that he does.

Each of the stories had their enjoyable moments, though Dina and Amy's wasn't that interesting, and Jonah was quite annoying in his. I also didn't like how this episode pushed Amy and Jonah farther away from each other. The story has been dragged out long enough. But, this wasn't a bad episode.

Score: 6/10

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