Man With a Plan Season 2 Episode 15 Review

It's Easter on Man With a Plan, and ALL of the in-laws are here for it! That's right, we're meetin' Andi's parents! If Easter wasn't enough to get me pumped for it, this is!

Two weeks before Easter, Andi informs Adam that her parents will be coming for Easter. This would be fine, but Adam also invited his parents. And they HATE each other, ever since the kids came along. Andi wants Adam to un-invite his parents as a solution. Neither of them will budge, so it looks like a bad Easter for the Burns family!

Now, both sets of parents have canceled, citing their hatred for the other set of parents as the reason. However, Adam and Andi get in an argument again when Andi wants to re-invite here parents, now that Bev and Joe aren't coming. She runs off to call her mom, but Adam tries to convince her not to. She doesn't believe that it's possible to have a grandparent-free weekend, but she agrees. Now it's a week before Easter, and Joe and Bev are coming over. Adam and Andi worry that the little, teensy-weensy secret that Andi's parents are indeed not coming for Easter will be revealed. That's when they do what all good parents do: they teach their kids about "good lying." The kids want extra candy in their basket in exchange, and they agree. When Joe and Bev come over, they bribe the kids with a trip to Disney World for Easter. Adam and Andi's plan is unraveling at record speed!

Andi tries her hardest to keep the kids from tattling, but they don't care much. That is until Adam and Andi tell them they'll take them to Disney. They tell Don and Bev they aren't going with, and things are resolved. Until the day before Easter, when Andi's parents arrive! Adam is so excited to see them, it's just so sweet! NOT! This really can't end well. They're here to ruin Easter for Don and Bev, even though Don and Bev aren't gonna be there. But they don't know that! Adam is freaking out, and wants them gone. Andi won't tell them to leave, because (GASP!!!) she likes her parents! Adam decides to put an end to this fighting, and plans to invite Don and Bev over for Easter. Andi's not so confident that it'll work. But they try anyway, seemingly to little success. Shockingly, they form a united from, wanting Adam and Andi to apologize for being so tense when they're all together. It shocks Adam and Andi, but they apologize anyway. Things are looking up for this Easter! And at the end of the episode, we get a pop-in from Don and Marcy, and they mess everything up. Pretty typical for Don.

This just may be my favorite episode ever of Man With a Plan. It's an Easter miracle! I loved it from start to finish, with an in-law-centric episode proving to be a winning formula for the show. Andi's parents were wonderful additions to the show. It was also great for another episode with a lot of Joe and Bev in it, as they're some of my favorite characters. There really wasn't a single thing to critique about it, I just loved it, and found it to be one of the show's most creative episode to date. Kudos to the MWAP writers!
Score: 10/10
Grade: A+

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