The Goldbergs Season 5 Episode 16 Review

The Goldbergs is back after taking last week off, and this week's episode will focus on... scruchies? Well, we''ll see what all that's about.

Beverly usually gets Adam out of Coach Mellor's gym plans, but once rope time comes, she doesn't show up. So Adam tries to climb the rope. And he falls on Coach, leaving Coach Mellor in a neck brace. Everyone in class laughs at him, and then he embarasses himself even more. Meanwhile at college, Erica is freaking out about her missing Shark Bites, which Other Erica ate. And so begins the Battle of the Ericas. One day when she gets home, there is a scrunchie on the door, meaning that Other Erica won't let her in. And now, she goes home to the Goldberg home. She conspires with Geoff about what to do, and Erica decides to bring a super annoying, really terrible guest with her to upset Other Erica. And that guest goes by the name of Barry. Adam is staying at Dave Kim's, which means that Bev and Murray have the house to themselves. Beverly is upset about not having anyone to mother for the weekend. That's when she gets the genius idea to smother the injured Coach Mellor, and offers to let him stay at home with her and Murray. Back at college, Erica tries to rain on Other Erica's parade, bringing Barry with. Unfortunately for her, she leaves them alone, they bond, and... scrunchie rule. At the Goldberg home, Mellor is getting settled in. Murray's not very happy about that.

Murray finds Coach Nick, in the hopes that he can get rid of Mellor. After a heart-to-heart between Rick and Nick, the Goldbergs end up adopting another Mellor brother. At college, Erica calls in the big guns: Lainey. Barry immediately crumbles, and manages to make both Lainey and Other Erica mad. Back at home, Adam stops by and Murray immediately send him up to talk to Beverly. SHe then realizes what a horrible mistake she's made. Switching back college, Geoff arrives to serve as Barry's guest (Barry does realize he doesn't live there, right?). But when he doesn't want to be Barry's guest, Barry calls in the JTP. Then Erica calls in Johnny and Carla. Other Erica runs out. That's when Geoff tells the Ericas that the out-of-town guests think they should make up. And then Erica says something stupid that upsets Other Erica.

Beverly tells the Mellors that it's time for them to leave, and they accept that this is what must happen. With a little push from Bev and Murray. The Ericas also apologize to each other, and decide to get the room back from the out-of-town guests, who have a party.

I really enjoyed this week's episode. Both of the plots were really good, even though neither were really top-notch stories. Despite that, having two entertaining and fun stories managed to make an episode that was a joy to watch. The relationships visited in the episode - the Mellors and the Ericas - were both worthy of revisiting. My favorite moment of the episode wasn't even part of it at all. I loved meeting the real Coach Mellor. This is a really cool thing that the show occasionally does, and I apprecitate it every time.
Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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