Man With a Plan Season 3 Episode 3 Review

This time on Man With a Plan, Adam tells Teddy to be tougher while Bev tries to get help convincing Joe to get a nurse to help him after surgery.

Bev is trying to convince Joe to get a nurse for after he gets surgery, but he won't agree to it. This causes her to ask Don for help. Don doesn't know how to go about asking him. Emme gets pushed off the swing by Julian, a kid from school. Adam tells Teddy to push Julian off the swing, which makes Adam way too happy.

Adam talks to Emme to convince her to keep quiet about what he told Teddy to do to Julian, but Teddy already told Andi everything, not realizing that what he did was wrong. Don tries to force Joe to talk to a nurse, but he runs out. Adam tells Andi that everyone agrees with him about Teddy, but she still thinks it'll blow up in his face. The next day, Andi tells Adam that Teddy pushed kids around at school, and his stupid advice already looks stupid. And we aren't even halfway into the episode yet, this might be a new first!

The principal gives Teddy detention all week, which leads to a conversation at home about when it is and isn't okay to react violently to problems. Adam tells him to do what he needs to do to protect his family, and he compares the situation to the mob. Teddy also reveals that, thanks to his actions earlier in the day, he has a new girlfriend. That night, Don tells Adam that he can't get Joe to agree to the nurse, and Adam agrees to talk to him. Joe tries to outsmart Adam and escape, but Adam doesn't let him run away. He brings in Andi to talk to Joe and, thanks to her buttering him up, he agrees to getting a nurse.


This was one of the weaker episodes of Man With a Plan recently, and certainly the weakest episode of the season. I wasn't very interested in the main plot with Teddy, even though the plot with Joe was pretty good. The Teddy plot was so incredibly by-the-book and unoriginal that it was just boring, even though there were a few funny moments in it. The Joe sub-plot was better, partly because of guest star Ron Funches, who was hilarious on the show. I would definitely rank this episode as one of the weaker ones that the show has ever produced. However, the brief amount that we saw from Don and Marcy was hilarious and I really wish they would play larger parts in the plots of episodes. I feel like they're sometimes just onscreen to make a few jokes and don't really effect the plot all that much.

Score: 7/10
Grade: C

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