Instinct Season 1 Episode 2 Review

In this episode, a venture capitalist was murdered, and his body was displayed in an extremely unusual way. Dylan has also returned to teaching, so Lizzie needs to call him up to help with the case, since this case seems to fit his abilities well. I enjoyed last weeks premiere very much, so I'm really excited for this episode. I'm sure that it will be great as well.

The episode begins with a venture capitalist being shot with a bow and arrow, and his body was displayed in an unusual position, with a piece of bread in his mouth. This was following a fight with the wife of a restaurant owner, who claimed that he was trying to take the restaurant. While Dylan is in a meeting with his editor, he gets a call from Lizzie, asking him for help on this case. Dylan thinks that this position means that he was killed as punishment. He says that he will help with the case.

When Lizzie and Dylan are meeting with the widower, the widower's friend comes to pull her out of the meeting. Lizzie then tells Dylan that the friend and her husband where in debt to Trever, the venture capitalist. Trever was going to take the restaurant if he was not paid by the next week. Trever provided financing for the restaurant, and he was bound to take the restaurant and farm. We then meet the chef, Hallie, who reveals that she does not like Trever. The chef also is yelling at the employees. The chef also has been arrested, and she has a violent record. The chef also has a blow up when she doesn't win a competition in the kitchen.

It turns out that Trever had a restraining order against the chef, but the chef claims that she threatened to do it to him first, which is why he filed it. As for the assault, the chef claims that the guy didn't want a women in his kitchen, causing her to hit him. They find out that Trever was killed with a 19th century arrow, which Dina likes. They drive to the farm, and she reveals that her and Roman are no longer married. They ask her if she is an archer, but she says that she hasn't shot in a long time. Also, Dylan's friend calls, and says that if the widower wanted access to Trever's finances, then he needed to be dead. They then go to the restaurant, and they find the chef dead, in an awkward position. They remove her as a suspect.

They go to the farm to say that the chef is dead, and it is revealed that Roman has been there all night, while the wife is at the restaurant. The widower says that Roman and his wife aren't likely suspects, and that Trever and she were adapting a baby. The phrase "white night" leads Dylan to think that Gwen, the farm hand, is really protective of Roman, so Dylan thinks that she killed Trever and the chef. Roman considers Gwen to be family, and he calls Gwen judgmental. She also hated Trever and Hallie, so that is why she murdered them, and she wanted to protect Roman. Dylan thinks that Gwen resents Roman's wife and child. They go to the farm to stop Gwen and save the wife and daughter.

Lizzie then sees Gwen hanging out with the daughter, and Dylan finds Nora, the wife, locked in the barn. Gwen then walks into the barn, and Lizzie climbs into the barn, where Nora is, so she can save Nora. Meanwhile, Dylan tries to talk to Gwen, which would give Lizzie more time to rescue Nora. Lizzie rescues Nora, while Dylan cuffs Gwen. After the case, Dylan and Lizzie agree that they would be good partners.

I really enjoyed this episode. The case was interesting, and I liked the chemistry between Dylan and Lizzie. I also liked the creativity that the writers had in this episode. The case was really creative, and the murder of the chef was a twist that I didn't see coming. Also, I liked how Dylan was able to think creatively when interpreting what happened in this case. The only thing that I would say is that the case felt a little slow at some points, but besides that, it was a great second episode that didn't disappoint me.

Score: 9/10

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