Special Review: Tomb Raider (2018)

After her successful and thought provoking breakout film, Ex Machina, I was looking forward to seeing Alicia Vikander in a new light, from kicking mental ass to kicking physical ass.

Full disclosure, I'm not really a fan of the Tomb Raider franchise. I only played it as a child and all I did was run around Lara's house and mess with her Butler. So throughout this review I will not be making any references to any games or the previous films.

What I do know is that video game movies don't exactly have the best reputation in terms of quality. I walked into the theatre expecting to watch a mediocre action adventure film and that's ...... exactly what I saw.

Image via Warner Bros.

Tomb Raider follows the adventures of Lara Croft, a young woman who goes in search of her crappy dad who ditched her to go find a dead Japanese queen. At the same time, Lara must also stop a mysterious organization from taking the power of the queen and potentially destroying mankind. So yeah, it's a bit much.

If you were hoping to watch a good old action packed adventure, then you're gonna be satisfied. But if you were hoping for something more, then I'm afraid this film won't be worth your time. Sure we got a great cast and some decent action scenes but the story and acting could have been better. They got Alicia, Walter Goggins and Dominic West, all amazing actors but I felt like they weren't at their best throughout the film. And a lot of the events taking place in the film felt like sheer luck. I didn't get much of a badass vibe from Lara, only feeling like she was strong and lucky. It kinda killed my enjoyment of some of the adversities she faced.

Overall,  I thought the film wasn't the worst video game adaptation ever but I don't think it's gonna change people's minds about video game adaptation films. The ending gave the feeling that there's more to come but were gonna have to wait and see if it does well at the box office, though I doubt I'd go to the cinema to watch any sequel of this franchise. If you wish to see it, then I suggest you wait till it comes out online or if the tickets are cheap at your local cinema.

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