Superior Donuts Season 2 Episode 16 Review

In this episode, Franco's girlfriend, Tavi, begins to question him if he still likes her when he takes advice from Sophia, instead of talking to her. Also, Fawz goes undercover as an employee at his sandwich shop because he wants to catch the employee who he thinks is stealing. I like the Franco/Tavi stories, since I like seeing Franco's dating life as a part of the show, and I also like the stories involving Fawz's businesses. I'm really excited for this episode, and I hope that it doesn't let me down.

The episode begins with Franco and Tavi walking back from lunch. Tavi then tells Arthur that her dad has a box in Wrigley Field, and she offers him tickets in May. Arthur then points out that there may be some tension with Tavi, Franco, and Sophia, since Franco just got out of a relationship with Sophia and is now with Tavi. All three say that it is not a problem. Tavi then leaves and reminds Franco that they are going to Philly that night to a concert. Fawz then walks in with a wig and in an employee costume saying that he is trying to catch a thief in his shop, so he can fire the thief.

Franco then tells Sophia that he feels bad that he doesn't do anything for Tavi, while she does everything for him. She says that he should ask her if she wants to hang out at his apartment. Fawz then is undercover as Brain at his sandwich shop. Tush then walks in and says that he is there to help him. Tush encourages Fawz to talk with the employees about their lives. Franco then gives Tavi a tour of his apartment. Tavi then gets upset that Franco talked to Sophia about their relationship, instead of talking to her instead. She leaves.

Randy understands Tavi's point about Franco and Sophia'a relationship. Everyone in the shop agrees, and Arthur wants to ban her. Tush then convinces Fawz to listen and be nice to people when they are talking to him. He tries to with Randy, and Fawz quickly is rude. The same thing happened with Arthur, although Sweatpants seemed to enjoy Arthur's manilla envelope story. Sophia then walked in, and Franco says that Tavi doesn't want him to talk with her, and Sophia leaves angry.

Fawz then walks in saying that he made friends with people at the sandwich shop. Fawz says that he become so attached to the employees, so he cannot fire them. Randy tells Sophia that she thinks that she has feelings for Franco. If true, Randy says that Sophia should talk to Franco about it. Franco then says that he is done hanging out with Sophia, since Tavi doesn't like it. Tavi then gets happy when Franco reveals that he has plans to go away with her this weekend. Sophia then walks to the apartment, and Franco tells her his plans with Tavi, so she does not talk to him.

I really enjoyed this episode. The jokes were very funny, especially from Tush and Fawz. I also enjoyed Arthur brining up the Cubs games and Randy's dead body pictures being used. Also, the storylines were very good and funny. I enjoyed both outcomes, and I also liked Fawz going out of his comfort zone a little. This was one of the best episodes of the season for me.

Score: 9.5/10

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