Mom S5E15 Review

In this week's Mom, Patrick is in town for his birthday, but the girls helping Jill with her sobriety gets in the way of some celebration.

S5E15 "Esta Loca and a Little Klingon"

The episode starts at a meeting, where there are some very funny jokes about who will be invited to Bonnie's wedding. At this meeting, Jill shares how she keeps starting from scratch on her sobriety, and is once again on day one. That night, when Patrick is in town, and he and Christy are preparing to have sex, she receives a call from Jill, and goes to help.

The next day at coffee, Jill shares her plan to stay sober, and the scene has many great moments, such as how Wendy finds bowling sexy, and when Marjorie insists that they not accept gifts from Jill. At dinner that night, Christy gets a call and finds out that Jill is drunk again and needs help. Bonnie offers to go so that Christy can be there for Patrick's birthday dinner, but when he sees how she is worrying about Jill, he tells her she can go.

There are some funny moments when they pick up Jill, as she is trying to follow along with a telenovela. Patrick struggles with how Christy has been focused on Jill, as they can't even have sex in her bed that night, because she brought Jill home. In the morning, Patrick and Jill meet, and he realizes how important Christy's support is to Jill. The episode ends with a wonderful scene at a meeting, where Jill is embarrassed to be a "newcomer" again, but her friends encourage her, and assure her that no one there is judging her..

This was a strong episode with many funny moments, as well as a great story about Jill struggling to maintain her sobriety. The show really leaned into the ensemble of women in this episode, has it has more in recent seasons, and it really paid off.

Score: 10/10

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