Man With a Plan Season 2 Episode 14 Review

Adam and Andi make a sex tape on an all-new, super family-friendly episode of Man With a Plan! Also, I try not to puke! Keep reading to find out how this ends!

Adam has had Rudy install a camera, so that Andi can make sure the kids get home safely. This has eased her concern about the car pool that the kids are now a part of. That night, when they are reviewing the footage taken by their new camera, they notice that they kinda-sorta accidentally made a sex tape. Oops!

The next day, Beverly borrows Andi's iPad, which happens to have Adam and Andi's video on it. Adam tells Andi about this, and she freaks out. They're now in a mad rush to ge the iPad back. They go to Bev and Joe's house, and Joe is no help at all, until he reveals that Don has the iPad. When they head to Don's, Marc hands it to them. Unfortunately, Marcy gives them Lowell's, as they got their iPads mixed up. At Lowell's, the nanny tells them that he's not home. Adam isn't that worried about the video, but Andi freaks out. When they finally get it back, they realize that someone else watched part of their video.

Adam and Andi try to figure out who watched the tape. Adam thinks it was Lowell, but Andi thinks it was Bev. Then Don comes in, and makes it very clear (in the creepiest way possible) that he was the one that watched it. Adam and Andi also think that the entire group of people at their hosue are talking about the sex tape. So they barge in and start talking about it. The only thing is: nobody has seen it, and now Andi will forever be known as Sex Tape Andi, and for no reason at all. That still leaves Adam and Andi with the question of who watched the video. That's when Rudy pops in the kitchen to get his ham. And also admit that he was the one that watched it.

This was definitely my least-favorite episode of Man With a Plan this season. It had funny moments, but the plot of it was just so unappealing that it ruined my enjoyment of the episode. The second act was really repetitive and got uninteresting after just a couple of minutes, and that also weighed this episode down. The third act was actually really good, but it couldn't make up for a mediocre start and a rough middle. It wasn't a bad episode though, and it was actually executed better than I was expecting it. There were certainly some positives as well, as I enjoyed seeing Marcy, Bev and Rudy all pop up in the episode. It was especially a treat to have Marcy back for a second episode in a row, as she is underused in the show this season. All in all, a disappointing but not entirely surprising entry of Man With a Plan.
Score: 7/10
Grade: C+

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