Life in Pieces Season 3 Episode 15 Review

Life in Pieces is back after two weeks off, and I couldn't be happier! Just kidding! This season has been a colossal disappointment, and at this point, I've given up all hope for it to improve. So let's just suffer through this together, shall we?

In the first story, Greg is meeting his new co-workers, and he's really embarrassing himself. He's miserable, so he calls Jen for some comfort. He tries to make friends by talking about the bathroom wall, where everyone writes mean things about one another. That doesn't work out too well though, and his boss calls an emergency meeting about the "bad stuff" in the bathroom, focusing solely on Greg. Everyone is really confused an unfazed by this, but the boss takes things too far. He threatens to terminate and prosecute whoever did it. Then we find out that it was actually Greg that did it. When Greg goes to tell his boss, his boss tells him that he got suspended for creating a hostile work environment, and that the board wants Greg to take over. Greg takes the job, but that doesn't make fitting in any easier.

In the second story, Sophia is gettting jealous when everone is giving Lark all the attention. She tries to make herself cuter, but Heather punishes her instead because she thinks she's making fun of her. Sam takes delight in this, but gives her some "encouragement." Sophia again tries to be cuter than Lark, but the family still ignores her and is mean to her. During the under 5 egg hunt, Sophia starts picking up and stealing eggs, embarassing everyone. Her parents do the right thing, and start hurling insults. Afterwards, Sam gives her some advice, telling her to find a new thing other than cuteness.

In the third story,  Joan gives Jen a necklace so that she has something of hers to wear. Later on, Heather notices the necklace and gets enraged. She goes to yell at Joan, since they gave the necklace to Heather as a birthday present many years ago. Joan decides that she must get it back, so she goes to see Jen. She goes to the bathroom, but instead goes looking for the necklace. Jen walks in on Joan rumaging through her jewelry, and she gives it back. When Joan gives the necklace back to Heather, she tells her than Jen took it well and that she gave her other jewelry. That other jewelry just so happens to be Heather's as well.

In the fourth story, Matt is struggling to give Colleen a shot for their IVF treatment. He eventually does, causing Colleen a lot of pain. Later on, Colleen goes to Tim's office so he'll give her the shot. He gets it done painlessly and easily, and she's impressed. The two start knitting together and have a lot of fun. When Matt finds out that Tim can easily give Colleen shots, he tells him he wants to learn how to do it easily as well. Then he stabs Tim with the shot. But eventually, he learns.

Aside from the fourth story, this was a great episode of Life In Pieces. The second and third stories were both hilarious, with some of the strongest moments of the season included in them. I loved the Joan-centric third story the most, but Sophia's struggle with not being the cutest was also really funny! Greg's story wasn't nearly as good as those two, but still had some funny moments and was much better than the Greg-centric story from two episodes ago. The fourth story was bad, because I just do not care about Matt and Colleen's baby. At all. However, it was probably one of the least-bad Matt and Colleen stories of recent memory. Probably because Tim was there, though. It certainly wasn't because of Matt and Colleen.
Score: 8/10
Grade: B

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