Top 5 Episodes of Love

Netflix's romantic comedy-drama Love has come to an end, with the streaming service having released the third and final season a week ago. The series provided some great moments over the course of its 3 seasons and 34 episodes, and out of those 34, I selected 5 episodes that I believe were the show's strongest.

5. "Winners and Losers" (S3E2)

Written by: Judd Apatow & Paul Rust
Directed by: Michael Showalter

A major element of Love's third season was the fact that Gus kept information from Mickey, and this episode does a great job of highlighting that. Bad things happened through Gus's day, but he didn't share any of this with Mickey. The other thing that this episode does a great job of highlighting is Gus's anger issues. Gus is presented as a sweet guy, but there are times where we see that this is not the case, and his road rage incident in this episode is one of those times. This was an episode that I enjoyed at the time, and one that I really liked looking back on, as it showed what the season would end up leading to in its eleventh episode.

4. "The Table Read" (S1E9)

Written by: Brent Forrester
Directed by: Dean Holland

This episode focused on the complicated nature of Gus and Mickey's relationship in season one, and that's pointed out perfectly when Arya asks them if they're a couple, and Gus responds "we're a couple of somethin's." The episode shows how both Gus and Mickey have major issues, and provides strong comedy in doing so. Also, Bertie is absolutely delightful throughout the episode, as she goes on a studio tour with Mickey, and then goes on her own when Mickey goes after Gus. But when isn't Bertie a delight?

3. "Marty Dobbs" (S2E8)

Written by: Rebecca Addelman & Ali Waller
Directed by: Lynn Shelton

A lot of trouble is caused when Mickey's father arrives in town. Gus's need to be liked and to have everyone around him get along causes problems, and it's really interesting to watch. It's difficult to see Marty tell stories about Mickey that make her look bad (and which Mickey later shares her own, completely different perspective), and to see him criticize her decisions, in particular her decision to be in AA. Gillian Jacobs gives an excellent performance in this episode, reacting to everything Marty says.

2. "On Lockdown" (S2E1)

Written by: Judd Apatow & Lesley Arfin & Paul Rust
Directed by: Dean Holland

The second season premiere had two big entertaining, memorable moments. The first was when Gus goes to Mickey's place, and the two overhear Bertie and Randy having sex. This was really funny, especially when Bertie comes up with a lie about what she has been doing. This leads Gus and Mickey out, and when they end up stuck at Gus's when there's a lockdown, Gus tries to help Mickey escape, which goes hilariously wrong.

1. "Anniversary Party" (S3E11)

Written by: Alexandra Rushfield & Paul Rust
Directed by: Nisha Ganatra

Going into season three, I didn't really care whether or not Gus and Mickey ended up together. After I was eight episodes into the season, I was actively rooting for them to break up. They were horrible at communicating with each other, and it didn't seem like it was going to change. The following three episodes took me for an interesting ride, and the third of those episodes, "Anniversary Party," called out Gus's issues, and then something really interesting happened: he actually realized his flaws. The speech that Gus delivers in the episode is raw and honest, and it made me feel that the conclusion that would come in the following episode was right. I finished this episode feeling that I had just watched something great.

What are your top Love episodes? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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