Superstore S3E15 Review

After the end of last week's episode revealed to everyone that Amy and Jonah kissed during the tornado, the two of them have to deal with everyone knowing about it. Also, Glenn and Dina decide to offer anyone who admits something that they did wrong amnesty for one day only.

S3E15 "Amnesty"

Somehow inspired by the reveal that Amy and Jonah kissed while Amy was still married, Glenn wants to find out what bad things his employees have done, so he and Dina decide to offer amnesty to anyone who confesses to something that they have done. This story, while providing some solid humor in the strange things that Cloud 9 employees have done, suffers in believability. It's a stretch to believe that Glenn and Dina, especially Dina, would think that this is a good idea, and that everyone would admit everything that they had done.

Garrett and Cheyenne try to come up with things that they can do, now that they will get amnesty, but the things that Cheyenne comes up with aren't very interesting, and Garrett can't decide on anything good. This does lead to a funny moment in the end though, when Glenn regains faith in humanity thanks to Garrett, and kisses his head. Meanwhile, Mateo is worried that Glenn and Dina know that he is undocumented, and spends the episode worried about that. While Mateo doesn't have much of a story, he gets a nice ending, when he finds out that Jeff quit his job for him.

Now that everyone knows about Amy and Jonah's kiss, they all have jokes to make. The funniest moment in all of this is when Sandra makes a joke about Amy and Jonah having sex, but doesn't know the correct hand symbol for sex. Amy and Jonah end up admitting that they had crushes on each other, which makes things very awkward for Kelly. Kelly lashing out at Sandra when she recaps the situation was perfect.

There was nothing all that great about this episode, but nothing really bad about it either. It exhibited true mediocrity. However, I did really like that it advanced Mateo and Jeff's story, as well as Amy and Jonah's to a lesser extent.

Score: 5/10

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