Will & Grace Season 9 Episode 14 Review

This season of Will & Grace is starting to wind down, but not before Vanessa Bayer makes a guest appearance on this, the fourteenth episode of the revival.

Jack is looking for money and is dismayed to learn that Will isn't there. He's especially dismayed to learn that he's with Michael, who drives him crazy. Jack also thinks that Michael is using Will, and that he wants something from him. Jack's point seems to be made when Will comes in with tickets (for him and Michael) for a Caribbean cruise. Elsewhere, everyone's favorite drunk lady (no, not Kathie Lee Gifford) Karen is at a bakery, and she asks the baker, Amy, for a cake for a very special person's birthday. She wants it to say "MAGA," since that special person is for the president. Amy refuses to make the cake, and Karen is not happy.

Jack tries to tell Will his concerns about Michael, but he struggles to find the right words. Eventually Jack tells him he's concerned, and though Jack thinks Will is gonna hit him at first, Will isn't mad. He actually seems to respect Jack's opinion. At Grace Adler Designs, Grace is informed of the bakery's refusal to make Karen's cake. She's outraged, until she finds out what Karen wanted the cake to say. Tony convinces her that it's hypocritical to say that a bakery has to make a gay wedding cake, but not a MAGA cake. Grace doesn't seem too convinced, but she decides to go anyway because the bakery gives out samples. Will tells Michael about Jack's concerns, and Michael tells him that Jack is just jealous, because he's in love with Will. Sure, Jan.

Grace arrives at the bakery to give Amy a piece of her mind, telling her that even people with hooooooorible beliefs have rights. Amy still refuses, though Grace still goes on. Another woman weighs in, and then another man. They lump Grace in with Karen, and try to say that she supports Trump. Grace asks Amy again. When Grace threatens to call the ACLU on Amy, she agrees, though Amy tells her that Grace is more of a monster than Karen is. Back at the apartment, Will tells Jack about Michael's theory, which Jack denies unequivocally. He also tells him that he thinks Michael's using him for his money, and then he leaves. That's when Michael arrives to ask him to invest in his gym. Woooow, so romantic. Jack then comes out to comfort him, now that Will knows Michael's true intentions.

Grace and Karen go to the bakery to get the cake, but Amy doesn't want them to open it. They find out why once they open it, because it says "I'm a Gay." Karen is outraged. Grace tries to get her to take the other letters off, but she just ends up with a face full of cake. The next day, Amy makes a new cake for Karen, and she seems to hav

I think that this may be my favorite episode of Will & Grace in 2018, and maybe even the season. It had so much going for it, with a hilarious A-plot and an emotionally-driven (and also funny) B-plot. The A-plot featured underrated former SNL star Vanessa Bayer, which is much appreciated, and it even got Karen to say "I'm With Her!" Bayer was fantastic in her role of Amy, a baker who just wanted to bake in peace without Grace and Karen's antics. But the A-plot also provided an interesting moral dilemma, and it was interesting to see how the show tackled it.
Score: 10/10
Grade: A+

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