Superstore S3E14 Review

An injury on the job has potentially major consequences for Mateo due to his immigration status. So, Jonah helps him try to avoid getting compensated by Cloud 9.

S3E14 "Safety Training"

When Amy realizes that she isn't very nice to Kelly (a realization that requires Sandra to recite a list of times where Amy said something mean to Kelly, which is really funny), she decides to be friendly. This, however, leads her to say that she made a mistake that Kelly did. This mistake leads to another incident, which Sandra makes very entertaining, and Amy has to be part of safety training. She convinces Dina to show the video showing that Kelly made the mistake, but acts like she doesn't want to do that, which is really funny. Some technical difficulties result in everyone seeing Amy and Jonah's kiss from the tornado. I'm glad something actually happened with the Amy and Jonah story, as it is being dragged out too much.

After being injured in the Kelly-caused incident, Jonah helps Mateo negotiate with Jeff to get more money from corporate. However, Mateo realizes that his undocumented status may be exposed by accepting money from Cloud 9. It's funny as Jeff keeps offering more and more money, and saying each time that it's the most he can offer. In the end, Mateo realizes that he has to reveal his status to Jeff. It was great to see that the fact that Mateo broke up with Jeff because of this was not forgotten, as I had honestly forgotten about that.

The remaining parts of the episode entertain as Marcus tries to get injured again, realizing that he missed out on getting more money from Cloud 9 when he had cut his thumb off before. It is very funny as he is unable to injure himself, because he is anticipating the attempts. He turns to Garrett for help, and this gets even funnier, as Garrett delights in scaring Marcus. At the end, Garrett delivers a funny speech, as he tells Marcus he won't know when he's going to injure him.

This was a really enjoyable episode of Superstore, one of the best of the season. I liked the advancements in the romantic plots, and there were plenty of funny moments, especially from Sandra, Dina, Marcus, and Garrett. Jonah and Mateo weren't quite as funny, but it was still a good plot.

Score: 9.5/10

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