Superstore S3E13 Review

Superstore is back; did you miss it when it took three weeks off? The release of a video game causes mayhem in Cloud 9 this week, in the show's post-Olympics return.

S3E13 "Video Game Release"

Amy really wants a copy of a new video game that is being released, but the rule is that she can't buy it until her shift is over, and it will probably be sold out by then. So, her and Jonah head on an adventure through the back of the store. There are some entertaining moments through here, as Amy and Jonah have great chemistry, and the scene where Amy gets a phone call from Dina is especially funny. In the end, Jonah gets Amy the game, and Amy finally admits (to Dina) that she has a crush on Jonah. Finally, progress is being made here. I hope they don't drag out this will they/won't they for more than this season. It's gone on long enough.

In the past, when Glenn has joined in on the being mean to Sandra, I've thought that it seemed unrealistic. So, I was very glad this week when Glenn encouraged Sandra to stand up for herself. The two of them decide to stop being taken advantage of, and it's hilarious when they get mad at a customer for making a mess. However, the two end up taking things a bit far, and it leads to a bunch of moms doing a nurse-in. This protest necessitates a meeting for the store employees, which has a lot of funny lines, with some stupid perspectives. We never see Glenn and Sandra succeeding in getting the moms out of the store, but we do find out that Dina is pregnant, so Glenn's child is on its way.

The rest of the episode deals with Garrett, who is awkward around some sort of celebrity that is in the store. It's funny when Mateo has a normal conversation with this guy, and Garrett is in disbelief about that. This isn't the funniest story, it's something that many shows have done, and it doesn't go much of anywhere, but it isn't bad either. It's a decent way to fill up the remainder of the time in the episode, but nothing more than that.

Glenn, Sandra, and the idiotic people they interacted with in their story in this episode were the funniest part of the episode, though Amy and Jonah's chemistry is reliably enjoyable. Overall, this wasn't a stand-out episode, but it was a very watchable one. Nothing memorable, but nothing that was really bad either, just an enjoyable half-hour.

Score: 7.5/10

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