Superior Donuts Season 2 Episode 13 Review

In this episode, we meet Fawz's son. It was nice to have an episode centered around Fawz, since he has not been really central this season. Fawz wants Franco to convince his son to go to college because his son wants to be a DJ. Also, Sophia is hosting a festival, so she wants people at the shop to help out when her helpers cancel. She should have thought about that. It's going to be fun meeting Fawz's son for the first time.

The episode begins with Arthur and Sophia arguing over the festival that Sophia has planed. She wants his help, and he refuses, but eventually agrees. And then the conversation moves to Fawz being mean to kids, as always. Tush will help Sophia with the animals at the festival, and Sweatpants wants to be the DJ, but she refuses unless she is "desperate." Arthur then complains about all that he has to do. Apparently, he has a scary basement in the shop with rats and other disgusting things. Fawz then wants his son to work at the shop for a week, so he can learn what hard work is and go to college.

We then meet the son, Abe, and Fawz is hovering over him. He then meets everyone at the shop. He thought that Tush was fake, and he mistakes Randy for Sophia. Franco witnesses Abe being a DJ, and Abe tells Franco that he wants to be a DJ. Franco decides to go against Fawz and supports Abe's plan of being a DJ, to Fawz's displeasure. Fawz then punishes Abe for wanting to be a DJ, causing him to stay with Franco for a few days.

Meanwhile, Sophia is having issues with her festival. Tush messes things up with the animals, while the food people bail. Franco volunteers Abe to be the DJ. Arthur doesn't think that Franco should be trying so hard to have Abe be a DJ, but Franco says that he is just trying to help Abe follow his dream. Back at the apartment, Franco realizes that Abe has only worked on one song, and then Franco kicks Abe out of his apartment.

For the millionth time in the episode, Sophia criticizes Tush and Arthur about the festival. Apparently Tush put a goat in the basement, and Sophia and the rest of the people at the shop make Tush get the goat for the festival. Meanwhile, Fawz freaks out about Abe's absence, until Abe comes in saying that he worked hard after Franco kicked him out to make music. Fawz is upset, until Randy convinces Fawz that it is good that Abe is becoming a DJ. Tush then walks up with the goat, Doug, and the episode ends.

This episode did not have many laughs, although Tush was pretty good in this one. I felt like it was hard to find a balance between storylines. Also, Abe's character was not very good, and I felt like the storyline was unnecessary, although it was nice to meet him. There have been better episodes, but there have also been worse ones.

Score: 7/10

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