Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 14 Review

I hated last week's Life In Pieces, but it seems to have resolved one of this season's worst storylines, so hopefully the show can be better starting this week. Hopefully.

In the first story, Jen is freaking out because her parents are coming. Once they arrive, her father tells her about an injury that he received. Jen is in agony, and she just wants it to end. That's when Greg proposes that they "tag team," so that only one of them is around Jen's parents at all times. This doesn't really help them avoid going crazy, but Jen never freaks out on them, so that's something. When they're about to leave, Jen's parents tell them that they aren't leaving, because they think Jen and Greg are having marital issues.

In the second story, Joan is sad that Greg ahas forgotten about his great-grandmother, so she decides to do some genetic testing. Once they get the results, they discover that Joan's grandparents, whose love story is the greatest of all time, were actually related. Everyone's quite disgusted by this, but Joan is really sad.

In the third story, Matt gives Colleen her birthday present, a coupon book. She pretends to like it, but she really isn't happy. So she decides to start using her coupons. She makes him go to karaoke, an adventure that Matt really hates. She then forces him to do chores around the house. At family breakfast, Colleen finally tells him how horrible of a gift the coupon book was, and everyone else agrees. Well, except for Tim, who is an idiot.

In the fourth story, Tim and Heather are chaprroning Sam's prom, and they're using it as a second prom. Well, until Heather spots Wayne Winger, one of the coolest guys at her school. Heather and Wayne have a really strange interaction, when Tim finds out that Heather and Wayne have had sex. Tim's jealous of Wayne all night, and Heather's not really doing anything to tame that jealousy. Sam is really annoyed that Tim and Heather are making her special night all about her, especially since Tim stole Sam's date. Heather storms off with Sam after Tim upsets her, and Sam tells her how foolish Heather is acting. Heather lets her go off with her boyfriend, the first good thing she's done all night.

This episode of Life In Pieces was very mediocre. It was definitely better than last week's episode, but I still was not a big fan of it. None of the stories were particularly bad, but I didn't really like any of them either. They were all just kinda... there. The first three all felt very short and lacked any real substance. The fourth had a bit too much substance. It was easily the worst of the four stories. Heather was incredibly annoying during it, and Tim was pretty bad too. But at least Sam got to speak. All in all, while there's been worse episodes of Life in Pieces, I was still thoroughly unimpressed. This season has been incredibly disappointing and I was hoping for this to be the turnaround point. It was not. I guess there's always next week.
My Score: 6/10
My Grade: C-

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