Will & Grace Season 9 Episode 13 Review

Ellen returns to Will & Grace this week, which is incredibly exciting news! Plus, Jennifer Lopez guest stars, which isn't incredibly exciting news! I'm so conflicted as to whether I'm excited for this episode or not!

Will is stalking his ex Michael on Instagram, but it's all by accident. He accidentally likes, then unlikes, one of Michael's pictures. Meanwhile, Grace is worrying about going to her friend's baby shower. And while he doesn't know it yet, Will is going too. Elsewhere, Jack brags to Karen about his new job, a cameo on Shades of Blue. He's especially happy that he gets to see his "friend" Jennifer Lopez once again. He also brought his acting students with him for Karen to watch, which can only end well.

Will and Grace are on their way to the shower, but Grace is still dreading it. Will suggests writing her feelings down to release the anger, which she decides to do because really, what could go wrong? And back at work, Karen is incredibly mean to one of Jack's kids, but it's also incredibly funny. The kids actually turn out to be good for her, though. She made a mistake when ordering fabric, and now she needs someone to rectify that. And in this case, the someone will obviously be a bunch of tiny someones. Will finds out that he missed a call from Michael, and some girls at the shower are convince him that Michael is "breadcrumbing" him. Whatever the hell that means.

At his Shades of Blue gig, Jack is embarrassing out of himself. He tries to make JLo remember him, but she doesn't. After about a million takes, JLo finally shows him how it's done. Karen's still using slave labor when Jack arrives, and he tells her about how she got fired. And then he notices Karen's child labor. He freaks out. Not because it's morally wrong, but because they have to rehearse for a production of Annie! He's got his priorities straight for sure. At the shower, Grace notices that her written-down feelings are missing, having likely fallen out of her pocket. She chastizes Will for his dumb idea, but she has a bigget problem when Ellen starts reading baby wishes. This seems okay, but Grace's writings got thrown in there. All of her horrible feelings are read aloud, and then she has to justify it. She tells them about how horrible baby showers make her feel, since she never had any children. After some bonding with Ellen(!!!), all is forgiven. This does make Will realize something though, and he calls Michael back.

I loved this episode, which really, really surprised me! While I was excited for the return of Ellen, I didn't think that this episode would be that good. But it turned out being another great episode, and an improvement on last week's episode. While Leigh-Allyn Baker's guest stint was great, the performance that dazzled me most was Debra Messing's. Grace's speech at the baby shower was both hilarious and touching, and it stands out as one of my favorite moments of the season. All of the storyline this week were actually entertaining this week, though. Will's was not one that I really liked that much until the end, when I realized how impactful and profound it would turn out to be. It still wasn't my favorite storyline, but it definitely redeemed itself with the ending. Jack and Karen's story was also fun, and Karen delivered what were by far the biggest laughs of the episode.

Score: 9/10
Grade: A-

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