Will & Grace Season 9 Episode 7 Review

Will & Grace returns for a special Christmas episode this week after more than a month off the air. The show left off on a season-best episode, and I hope it can keep it up. I'm not too confident of that based on the promos, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Will and Grace are at a restaurant, waiting for a table, but Will wants to go home because of the long wait. The host tells them that the wait is 51 minutes, which pushes Will to the edge. They leave, and then they arrive at the historical society so Grace can pee. They need to take a tour so she can go, and they agree because she really has to go and their options are very limited. The tour guide tells them of Karolyn O'Sullivan who is a super miserable (like Karen) Irish immigrant with tons of kids. A man names John Patrick arrives, and he wants to stay with Karolyn. He doesn't have any money, though, so he's not of much help to Karolyn. The landlord, Billem, arrives, and he tells Karolyn about how his day is ruined by Karolyn being behind on her rent. He acts super weird around John Patrick, but he's definitely not gay or anything. Just ask him.

Billem and his wife Fanny are having a super loving, wonderful Christmas upstairs. She tells him about becoming an "inside of homes decorator," but Billem shoots that down quickly and acts super sexist. He then goes to evict Karolyn, despite the protests by Fanny. Karolyn is frantically trying to get money, but they're $10 short. John Patrick comes to tell her some incredible news, but it's not that he has money. She tells her that Billem is a "homo," which admittedly seems less incredible than money.

Fanny is still trying to convince Billem not to kick out Karolyn, but he's still being stubborn. They then run into Charlie, who Billem clearly knows for reasons other than being a newspaper man. John Patrick tells Karolyn that Billem clearly has the hots for him, so maybe he can finally be of some use. Billem finally arrives, and he brings Fanny. She hears Karolyn's baby crying, and again pleas with Billem to have mercy on Karolyn. Karolyn tells Billem that he's acted dishonorably, so he has to go out in the hall and settle it with John Patrick. Karolyn and Fanny chat a bit while the men are out in the hall, and when they get back in, Billem announces that he's changed him mind.

Back in modern times, the gang learns of the horrible fates of each person in the tale. They decide to stop complaining and being awful. They rush out when it turns out that Grace used an antique toilet, and it begins to snow.

This was yet another enjoyable episode, the season's seventh straight episode that I can say that about. However, this episode was definitely the weakest of the season, despite a fun story that really exuded the Christmas Spirit. I appreciate what they did by creating an episode with the principal actors (plus Leslie Jordan!) in different roles, and for the most part, it made for an enjoyable tale. This definitely isn't a story that could be done with the iconic characters we know and love. It just wouldn't. However, a Christmas story starring the core four would probably be better. I missed their unique personalities, especially since the show's been off for awhile and will be off for another month after it. That's why I watch the show, and we didn't get that this week. While the writers and performers still did great crafting these new characters for this episode (especially Fanny, who was a real hoot), it didn't completely pay off. Still, it brought the laughs and was enough to tide me over until January. Maybe.
My Score: 8.5/10
My Grade: B+

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