The Middle S9E10 Review

In The Middle's final Christmas episode, the Hecks and Donahues celebrate Christmas together.

S9E10 "The Christmas Miracle"

Frankie comes up with a new plan for Christmas, considering that the kids are older now. It's funny when she calls it an adult Christmas, and puts "adult" in front of other words that give it another meaning. The Hecks and the Donahues get together and have a Yankee swap (I guess there are many names for this, we call it a White Elephant). Sue's gift ends up being the snowglobe that she had found that Sean had intended to give her. Sean almost picks it the first time, and does pick it the second time, but before he can open it, he gets a text and leaves the room.

Sue goes to find Sean, and he reveals that grades were posted, and he got Bs and Cs, which he is completed not used to. Sue comforts Sean, saying that average isn't bad, and that you don't have to compare yourself to others. In the end, it turns out that the snowglobe wasn't necessary to lead to Sue and Sean get together, as they end the episode kissing. It's great that this won't be drawn out for any longer, as it was getting a little tedious.

Axl tells Frankie that he doesn't want to go to church. So, Sue and Frankie try to convince Axl to go to church. Sue is the most entertaining here, as she tries to give examples of miracles. Axl ends up getting Frankie to question her faith. At the end of the episode, Frankie realizes why she goes to church, and when she shares that with Axl, he decides to go.

In the other stories of the episode, Brick struggles to wrap a present, and Mike tries to stop one of the Glossner kids from destroying an inflatable snowman in their yard. Brick is hilarious, especially as he is bitter that no one is selecting his present. He's the highlight of the episode to me. Mike's dedication to catching the Glossner kid is also entertaining, but it doesn't have that satisfying of an ending, as he confronts the kid, but he gets away.

Brick was hilarious this week, and the Sue/Sean story finally going somewhere was great. I wish the show had gone a little stronger on a Christmas theme considering it is their last chance to, but this was still a really good episode.

Score: 9/10

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