Binge Report (Week of December 4, 2017): Riverdale Beats Walking Dead, The CW Is #1 Network

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Riverdale has dethroned The Walking Dead as the #1-streamed show via TV Time users, giving The CW a landmark win over what is still the highest-rated scripted show on linear television. Elsewhere on The CW were The Flash, up a spot from #5, and Arrow, tumbling down four spots to #8. I can guess a lot of the curiosity beforehand with Arrow was the recent crossover. 

Netflix saw Stranger Things drop three spots to #6, and Marvel's The Punisher slipped five spots down to #10. Still, the respective 3.99 and 4.19 episodes per viewer is nothing to dismiss, as it shows that people are still watching the shows in bulk. Most impressive for Netflix was the #4 premiere for DARK, with 4.49 episodes streamed per viewer on average. Clearly, many viewers liked what they saw and kept watching. It'll be interesting to see how that holds going forward.

Of course, none of that can compete with the 5.49 episodes per viewer that Grey's Anatomy saw, as it appears many are either catching up on the current season or just discovering the series in general now. 

With Netflix having three entries on this list, regular bottom-of-the-pack shows Lucifer and How to Get Away with Murder were invisible this week. However, Big 4 television had more than just Grey's Anatomy on the list; The Big Bang Theory managed another week, this time rising two spots to #7. This just shows how popular the show is not just on Live + Same Day viewing, but also on streaming, and the fact that a broadcast comedy can manage to be so buzzy even outside of the traditional viewing period.

Finally, the History Channel scored a big win with Vikings rising four spots to #3. As arguably the network's flagship show, a close eye should be kept on this show to see how long it can remain on this list.

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