Will & Grace Season 9 Finale Review

It's hard to believe that it's already time for the season 9 finale of Will & Grace! It feels like just yesterday that the show returned, and now it's already time for it to leave us again, even if it is for just a little while. The penultimate episode of the season did an awesome job setting up the finale, so I'm excited to see what will happen!

Grace's dad Martin is still living with Will and Grace. Grace is still not happy about this. To pay back Will for inviting Martin, Grace invites Will's mom. So yay! Now they're both gonna be miserable. Meanwhile, Karen tells Marcus that she can't decide whether or not to leave Stan for him. He responds by withholding sex. Jack is also having love issues, still trying to get over Drew.

Martin and Marilyn are getting along great, unlike their children. The four of them all get into a fight, and Martin goes off to console Marilyn. At the same time, Karen's still having her strange... whatever with Malcolm. They drive each other crazy by doing the indescribable. No, it's not to dirty to write here, I just literally don't know how to describe it.

It's official! Jack is in love! Estefan, who he met when he was on vacation, is his new true love. Estefan doesn't make a great impression on Will and Grace, but Jack seems happy at least. When Grace goes to grab a blanket, she discovers the most horrifying thing of all time: Martin and Marilyn doin' it! Totally not gross or disturbing! Elsewhere, Karen tells Malcolm that she chooses Stan, who is her "home." In order to share one last kiss, they pretty much sexually harass poor Smitty.

Forget Sleepless in Seattle, Will and Grace are sleepless in Hell. Their parents announce that they "made love," and Will and Grace don't want to hear about it. Because it is horrific. Jack and Estefan arrive, just in time to hear that Marilyn will be moving in with Martin. Will and Grace try to convince them to change their minds, but they just make things even worse. Martin proposes to Marilyn, and she accepts. Jack does the same with Estefan. Everything is going about as terrible as possible. Will and Grace start freaking out, mostly because everyone's making terrible life choices based on not wanting to be like them.

I loved this finale, and found it to be just as hilarious as the episode that preceded it. This finale definitely made me excited for season 10, as I really want to find out what happens with all of our favorite characters, and also their parents! I can always count on Will & Grace to have a killer season finale, and this was no different. It wasn't a season-best episode, but it was still hilarious. It was a fittingly hilarious end to this season of one of my absolute favorite shows. While I loved the season premiere (though it did have its issues), I'm glad to see just how much the show has improved over the course of the season. It was great to start with, but now it's reliably delightful. I honestly can't say that the season had a bad episode, just a few that were less good.
Episode Score: 9.5/10
Episode Grade: A

Season Score: 9.5/10
Season Grade: A

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