Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 Episode 10/11 Review ’Game Night’/’The Favor’

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Game Night/The Favor

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Game Night
After revealing to Charles that she was bisexual, the only logical step would be for Rosa to come out to the squad and her parents before Boyle reveals it. Of course, the former works out a lot better than the latter. Through this, 'Game Night' manages to kill two birds with one stone. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is able to use the episode as an outlet for Rosa to come out while simultaneously introducing us to Diaz's parents.

The A-plot focuses on Rosa coming out to her parents (one of them being Danny Trejo) during a dinner with the help of Jake. The situation escalates in a bad way when her parents believe that Rosa came to tell them that she was dating Jake. At first, it seemed as if 'Game Night' would continue this rather cliche plot-line for the bulk of the episode. But, the writers switch things up and Rosa comes out to her parents fairly early in the episode. Ultimately, Trejo and Merediz nail their portrayal as the traditional, uptight couple. Nevertheless, I felt like Trejo's character warmed up to Rosa being bisexual far too quickly. While I am happy that the episode ended on a good note, it seemed rather unrealistic that he would change his mind after just one night. It also ruined the rather emotional scene where Rosa stormed off after her parents chose not to accept her. Still, the episode handled the situation in a worthy fashion with both comedy and drama in its arsenal. Also, the pairing of Peralta and Diaz worked very well and it made perfect sense that Jake was the one that Rosa trusted to come with her. It debunks the close-minded outlook she had about their friendship in season 3's 'The Swedes' and emphasizes the fact that they have each other's backs.

In the second plot of the night, Gina returns in order to help the squad save their internet speed. If you're familiar with Linetti-based stories, they almost always end with her saving the day despite not really understanding the situation. This episode was no different. Despite the repetitiveness, her emotional take-down of the rude internet guy was still relatively amusing. Afterwards, the episode sloppily tried to write off Gina only to cop-out after a couple minutes. If they were going to go that route, it would've been funnier if we had got to learn more about the person who replaced her. While it wasn't very memorable, the subplot was thoroughly enjoyable and subtly resembled the net neutrality fiasco whether intentionally or not.  

Overall, 'Game Night' was a very well-done, emotional, and hilarious episode. For the most part, the writers handled Rosa's story and the return of Gina in a solid manner. 

Grade: A-

The Favor
After re-introducing the thought of Seamus Murphy in '99',  Brooklyn Nine-Nine brings the character back in full-form in 'The Favor'. Once again, I applaud the series for keeping things compact in the continuity department. While some sitcoms might have discarded his character, Brooklyn never forgets plot points or members of the Nine-Nine universe once they are established.

In the main plot, Jake and Boyle attempt to foil the scheme of the Murphy crime family before they can complete it at the block party. Unfortunately, the only way to get information is through Kyle Murphy, the family screw-up. In all, Mike Mitchell plays the idiot goofball in phenomenal fashion. From his obsession to gaming videos to his failed rap career, everything sticks together in a believable way. While the duo manage to carry out their goal, Seamus later finds them out and the two are forced to save Kyle. The Peralta and Boyle pairing never ceases to excel comedy-wise and the addition of Kyle, a character even more cartoon-ish than Hitchcock & Scully, made things even more enjoyable to watch,

The B-plot centers on Amy and Rosa attempting to accomplish Murphy's favor, getting a permit for a block party. Overall, Santiago's classic dorky behavior carried the plot. Also, even though the 'never meet your heros plot' has been milked to death, it's still hilarious when Amy finds out that her hero is simply a crazy cat lady who barely cares about the notary system. This story manages to land and packs enough great moments to fall into the memorable category.

Finally, the C-plot shines some light into the life of Gina the working mom. Like most C-plots, it doesn't have enough time to truly develop anything. Overall, it establishes that Gina can not balance everything in life. It's a fitting and refreshing turn given how she was written as an invincible and flawless character throughout the fourth season and in 'Game Night'. 

'The Favor' ends with Seamus informing Holt that he uncovered his plan and is now going to go after his husband Kevin. After a relatively light-hearted first half, the episode ends on a sour note and takes an extremely dark twist. It opens up a ton of questions and makes one anxious to see what happens next. So, 'The Favor' produces three solid plots while also managing to drop a massive cliffhanger. Gina may not be able to juggle but the episode sure can.

Grade: A

Stray Thoughts
  • I found it hilarious that Holt thought Kyle's awful rapping was radio music.
  • Kevin and Cheddar better not die! Though, it would make sense if Kevin did since he is on 'The Good Place'.
  • Too bad we don't know when and where B99 is returning. It makes the wait even harder.
  • Can't believe that Boyle wasn't saying the innuendos for once. 
  • Hitchcock and Scully had some of the best moments in both half-hours.
  • There better be a Pontiac Bandit episode this year. 
  • Also, surprised they didn't do a Christmas episode. 
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