Superstore S3E7 Review

Though its Thursday run is taking a two-month break, Superstore is returning for one episode on a Tuesday, a Christmas episode, in which the characters are working on Christmas Eve.

S3E7 "Christmas Eve"

At the start of the episode, Dina finds Glenn setting up a nativity scene in the store. It's really funny as she tries to get him to admit that it's a nativity scene by harming the Biblical figures in the scene, leading to the baby Jesus, which causes Glenn to finally intervene.

Dina gets another similarly funny scene when she tells a person ringing a bell outside the door (from The Redemption Corps, the show's version of The Salvation Army) to get farther away from the door because he is activating the automatic door, and she also tells him to ring the bell in a different way. Later, she rescues the reindeer that the guy has with him from the cold, which is very in-character for Dina.

Amy tries to prove that she can be fun, so she becomes crazy Amy, or "cr-Amy", drinking on the job and telling stories about when she was younger and was cool. She calls Adam so he can prove that a story about Amy stealing a teacher's car was true, and they discover that he is at the house of one of the moms at Emma's school.

Amy, Cheyenne, and Dina decide to go to her house, but they've had a lot to drink, so they take motorized carts. When they arrive at her house, Amy realizes it's a mistake, but before they can leave, Adam and the mom invite them in. When they are leaving, they decide to steal some of the woman's Christmas decorations, and back at the store Amy's co-workers finally admit that she is crazy.

Through the rest of the episode, Jonah and Garrett have passive-aggressive arguments about issues they have with living with the other, and Glenn tries to get Mateo into the Christmas spirit. Both of these stories are amusing, but not much beyond that. At the end of the episode, Jonah leaves with the newer female employee, and Glenn impresses Mateo with a light display, though he refuses to admit he's impressed.

While there were quite a few funny moments, and Amy's story worked well, in the end the episode didn't really feel that satisfying, and the side plots were much less entertaining than the main one, which made the scenes somewhat drag. But, I did like Jonah's romantic interest story progressing, and I liked the ending of the episode where Sandra took one of the motorized carts.

Score: 7/10

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