Jess’s Take: MTV’s Reality TV Resurgence

Welcome to a new installment of Jess's Take. In this article, we'll focus on MTV's resurgence in the game of reality television. Although there were some ratings mishaps with the revivals of Total Request Live and Unplugged, plus Undressed, MTV is closing out 2017 on solid ratings footing, more than ever. Here are the ratings moments that MTV got right in 2017.

1. Throwdown Thursdays
MTV's 11pm hour on Thursdays this past have revitalized the MTV summer lineup with the ninth season of Wild 'n Out. The freestyle comedy show was paired with newbie SafeWord, and the two shows delivered solid ratings throughout the summer months. Although the current season of Wild 'n Out has returned down to earth, this moment is one of the highlights ratings wise for MTV.

2. Revivals Galore
When Fear Factor came back to MTV, ratings improved year to year on Tuesday nights and in the month of June. It's no surprise that the show was renewed for a second season of 20 episodes to air in 2018.

3. Shore Spinoff Heads to Floribama
Floribama Shore debuted to solid ratings behind Teen Mom OG and continued the momentum for the fall season. A revival of Jersey Shore is soon to come for 2018.

With a promising look to 2018, these are some of the things MTV delivered in the ratings department in 2017. With that, it's the end of this installment of Jess's Take. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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