Mom S5E7 Review

Christy and Bonnie comfort Marjorie this week on Mom when something goes wrong.

S5E7 "Too Many Hippies and Huevos Rancheros"

The episode begins with Christy heading out on a date with Adam's brother Patrick. There are some very funny lines where Bonnie tries to encourage Christy to have sex with him soon, but Christy ends up not even making it to the date, because she gets a phone call and discovers that Marjorie's husband Victor had a stroke.

Christy and Bonnie head to the hospital to comfort Marjorie. Bonnie is of course terrible at comforting, and she always says the wrong thing. Adam and Patrick show up with things for Bonnie and Christy, Patrick bringing a change of clothes and Adam bringing a Sudoku book. Christy and Patrick have dinner in the cafeteria, where there are some funny moments where they reveal that they have been Googling each other.

Two weeks later, Victor is home and Marjorie is spending all her time taking care of him. So, Bonnie takes Marjorie out for the day, while Christy takes care of Victor. This causes Christy to freak Patrick out when she starts thinking far into the future, but they reconcile. At the end of the episode, Bonnie reads Marjorie a list of positive things to say that she wrote, which is really funny because, while they are a little better than what she said at the hospital, they aren't much of an improvement.

Bonnie stood out this week when it came to the laughs, as she had some great lines and Allison Janney delivered them with perfection. The episode also did a great job of tying together Christy and Patrick's relationship and caring for Marjorie, as well as contrasting the relationships of Christy and Patrick and of Bonnie and Adam.

Score: 10/10

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