Modern Family S9E10 Review

This week on Modern Family, James Van Der Beek guest stars as Pam's ex-boyfriend Bo.

S9E10 "No Small Feet"

Claire and Jay are both very excited when Pritchett's Closets gets some recognition, but they both consider it to be just their accomplishments, not the other person's. Jay is completely obnoxious about this, and it's unbearable. Meanwhile, Luke and Alex are selling Alex's used shoes online to, as they put it, "feet freaks." When Claire and Jay discover that they are using the company's shipping for that, the two argue about who is responsible for their company's success by arguing about who is responsible for Luke and Alex's success, though the comparison is obviously flawed.

Pam's ex-boyfriend Bo, who is also the father of her baby, shows up. Mitch and Cam are overwhelmed by Bo's looks, and encourage Pam to give him a second chance. I find it hard to believe that they would be so overwhelmed by his looks, but it doesn't last for too long, once Mitch is reminded how horrible Bo is when he discovers that Bo has had a girl waiting for him in the car the whole time. This story doesn't really have much of a point, and it makes the characters seem very shallow.

Phil needs to make a sale, but the woman he is trying to sell a house to senses a bad spirit in the house. So, Phil recruits Gloria to get rid of the spirits. This should lead to some comedic opportunities, but instead it leads to a bland story. Nothing interesting really happens here, and the resolution doesn't really wrap up the story, with Phil and Gloria discovering that there aren't spirits in the walls, but bees.

This episode of Modern Family failed in many ways. First, it felt uncomfortable for a Modern Family episode. Alex and Luke's story didn't feel like territory that Modern Family would go into, and Mitch and Cam's random horny moments when dealing with their cat were very unusual. In addition to that, Jay and Claire, particularly Jay, went beyond their usual obnoxiousness, while Mitch and Cam were unusually shallow. Finally, Phil and Gloria's story was just plain uninteresting.

Score: 2.5/10

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