The Simpsons Season 29 Episode 9 Review

I return from hiatus to review the Winter finale of The Simpsons, when Sideshow Bob makes his grand return on this week's Simpsons, in an episode that is all but certain to be an entertaining one.

Prisoners, including Sideshow Bob, from Springfield Penitentiary are cleaning up trash, when the Simpsons drive by. They're driving in a rented car, but they have 1/4 tank extra in the gas tank, so Homer decides to drive to burn it off. Bart goes to the bathroom and he accidentally falls down a hole. Homer can't find him, and he then has to tell Marge. He drags it out, obviously. Later on, the cops are called and they send search teams to find him, though that team is briefly disbanded due to safety concerns. Meanwhile in the hole, Bart finds a missile shelter. The Springfield Penitentiary guys are tasked with finding Bart, and Bob, being crazy, decides to try to find Bart so he can seek revenge.

Bart finds an escape route, but the ladder falls apart and he has to go back down to the shelter. Milhouse finds him, and he tells him he'll get help. Meanwhile, with 78% of the search area reporting, Bart is protected as dead by the news. He comes to tell the Simpsons news about Bart, but Lisa hugs him, so he withholds the information that Bart is actually alive. When Bob hears the news, he is devastated. After all, he wanted to be the one to kill him. A psychiatrist tells Bob that he should be glad that Bart is dead, since he tells him he's free now. Well, in a way. Bob is unchained for a moment, and then he uses scissors to stab the psychiatrist and he runs away. Bart then calls Marge, and tells him that he's alive. Milhouse starts to walk home from the Simpson home, and Bob grabs him. Milhouse tells him he'll show him where he is if he lets him live and stops singing. Flanders lends the Simpsons a snowmobile so they can search for Bart. Bob arrives at the shelter, and then he pushes Milhouse down and goes down to kill Bart.

Bob decides to laugh the boys on a missile, but he has a hard time because he's kind of an idiot. Meanwhile, the Simpsons aren't having any luck finding Bart. Bob uses both keys needed to launch the missile, meaning the boys only have a few minutes left to escape. Homer and Grandpa are trying desperately to find Bart, but instead they run into Shaq. Bob starts reconsidering killing the boys, and he calls his therapist to ask what to do. He saves them, surprising Bart.

 This was a very enjoyable Simpsons, filled with lots of laughs and a fun story. I also enjoyed that, while the episode didn't have a Christmas theme, it did seem somewhat Christmas-y, with the winter setting and the cute cold open. I also liked thought that it was a nice way to bring back the iconic Sideshow Bob character, and I'm glad that he decided to save Bart at the end. Hopefully Bart will taunt him about that at a later date. All in all, a really enjoyable outing for the Simpsons.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

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