American Housewife Season 2 Episode 10 Review

American Housewife and the Ottos celebrate Christmas this week, with the birth of a new baby (no, not Jesus) and plenty of presents. And Greg being paranoid. And the kids being awful.

It's Christmas morning, and the family has to go through their Christmas traditions before they an open presents. They rush through the traditions so they can open presents, but Katie gets a call from Doris. Her family is in Aspen and she's in labor. Katie puts Christmas on hold so she can be with her, but the kids are super angry. Oliver has a crush on a girl, and he tries to think of ways to woo her. Doris' family is delayed, and Doris won't allow herself to have a Christmas baby, so Katie's suck there for awhile while Greg suffers with their Satan children. Greg takes the kids and their presents to the hospital so they can open them together, though Katie isn't happy with this decision. They need to open the presents in front of the fireplace, but Doris has a fireplace in her room, so everything is on track.

Taylor convinces Oliver to ask a girl in the gift shop out, though he even chickens out at that. Greg notices Andrew, who he does war reenactments with, and he shows him his blue hands. He tells him it could be serious, and Greg is both scared and happy about that news. The kids rush into the hospital room and ask if Doris is okay, and when Katie says she it, it's time (in their eyes) to open presents. However, Greg isn't ready because of his disease, which the doctor says in gangrene.

Oliver goes to ask out the gift shop lady again, and again chickens out. He then works up the courage to ask her out, and she accepts. Unfortunately, she thinks that the two tickets are for her and her sister, and she tells him about how terrible everything is. Greg finds out that his blue hands are from dye on his pants, though Katie comes to apologize to him and tells him she'll change, so he keeps this information from her.  Then, they hear Doria screaming in the background, and she soon has her Christmas baby. The kids finally get to open their presents, much to their delight.

I thought this was a thoroughly enjoyable episode of American Housewife. It was definitely better than the previous two episodes, though it still wasn't one of my favorites of the season. I didn't really enjoy Greg's storyline, though it did provide a few laughs, like when he learned his crisis wasn't actually a medical issue. Katie's story was better, and I did like that Doris had an increased role in the episode instead of being simply a character that was "also there." The episode also contained what I believe was the moment of the season so far, Anna-Kat yelling "Open the damn door Greg!" because she wanted her presents. I'm sure her mom is proud.
My Score: 8.5/10
My Grade: B+

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