Will 1990's Sensation Blossom Be Revived?

Written Questioning Revival Possibilities by Bridger Cunningham

Image result for blossom joey lawrence mayim bialikActor Joey Lawrence's appearance on the Steve Harvey show today sparked rumors of a potential revival of 1991-95 NBC hit Blossom.  Lawrence stated he and the former show's marquee star, Mayim Bialik, are open to the premise of reviving the former sitcom.  Bialik is known to 21st century fans as Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS' Big Bang Theory, TV's highest-rated sitcom.  Lawrence, who played dimwitted yet lovable Joey Russo, stated "there are serious talks" going on.  While fans of the series would welcome this continuation, please bare in mind these are merely "talks."  Bialik is still under contract at CBS until 2019, and this is a developing idea.

A dramedy which debuted in the winter of 1991 behind fellow pilot Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Blossom told the story of its marquee character being a teenager raised in a male-dominated household as she pondered an existence in a conventional family.  Ted Wass (who previously starred on ABC satirical sitcom Soap) headlined the series as her father Nick, along with Lawrence as Joey, Michael Stoyanov as Blossom's recovered addict brother Anthony and Jenna Von Oy as her best friend/next door neighbor, Six LaMeure.  Also supporting the main cast was veteran actor Barnard Hughes as grandfather Buzz Russo, David Lascher as Blossom's oft-boyfriend Vinnie Bonditari, Portia Dawson as Anthony's former girlfriend Rhonda Jo Applegate, Samaria Graham as Anthony's later wife, Shelley, and soap actress Finola Hughes as Nick's future wife, Carol.

Blossom retained nearly 90-percent of its lead-in, placing respectably during most of its run.  The series aged during its 5th and final season, dropping over two household rating points before an elected ending came to be in 1995.  As indicated by the ratings, the series peaked in Nielsens during its 2nd season and in rank during the 3rd season.

Since Blossom ended, most of its cast has pursued other ventures.  Lawrence stayed in front of audiences most consistently with few breaks in acting credits.  Bialik segued her acting career to attend college, later reviving it as her recurring Big Bang role was well received and she signed a contract.  Wass developed a penchant for directing on the show in 1992, directing 18 episodes and has since amassed an impressive resume behind the lens.  Stoyanov left the series in Season 5 to write and has acted sporadically.  Von Oy has curtailed most appearances in front of the camera since 2004 in favor of voice-over work, and Hughes has been limelighting on General Hospital as Anna DeVane, a character which has brought her great acclaim since 1985.

Does a Blossom revival hold a distinct possibility to come to fruition?  Time will tell as speculation grows.

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