Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 7 Review

This week, Life in Pieces takes on aging, Tyler's relationships, escape rooms, and valets that potential thieves in its four stories.

In the first story, Greg is excited to celebrate Jen's birthday. He gets Clementine to work for them as a nanny, though Jen isn't cool with the idea of a hot nanny. Later at the park, Clementine impresses Jen with her childcare skills, and further woos her with compliments. Greg also gets the idea to bring Clementine to dinner with them to watch Lark. At dinner, the waitress mistakenly believes that Jen is Lark's grandmother, and Jen starts to cry. They get a free cake, which the same waitress brings out. Happy 53rd Birthday, Jen!

In the second story, Heather is rushing to get Sophia to school when Tyler asks her to make a latte for his "friend." His "friend" (Alex from Season 3's second episode), turns out to be Sophia's science teacher. At first, Sophia isn't happy that Tyler takes both Alex and her to school at the same time, but she gets special treatment so she seems okay with it. Meanwhile, Tyler gets a lecture form Tim and Heather, telling him to break up with Alex before things get even more serious. Sophia isn't happy to hear this, as she's going to lose all the "power" she had. Alex starts treating Sophia terribly now at school, so she sends her flowers and other "romantic" things pretending to be Tyler, all so she can watch the class hedgehog for the weekend.

In the third story, John asks he guys to participate in an escape room with him. Tim's the most excited, as he's done this before and actually enjoyed it (unlike Greg and Matt). During their escape room, Greg figures out what the first clue is, and he is told he should be lead investigator. The guys have 60 minutes to get out of the room, and while searching for clues, Matt finds his parents underwear and he's horrified. They're really struggling to get out, but soon realize that John is being robbed. He found him in a parking lot, where all reputable businessmen are found. They work their way out, and call the cops. All of the furniture has been removed from the house. Great job, John.

In the fourth story, Joan and Colleen are at lunch when Colleen tells Joan that she's feeling lucky. She thinks she strike it big with a lottery ticket, but that ticket gets stolen by the valet. She's incredibly angry, but Matt really doesn't care because he wants to watch football. Later, Matt comes to ask Joan to lie to Colleen about the ticket getting lost at lunch. He doesn't want to get banned from yet another restaurant because his wife is crazy, but Joan doesn't want to lie. She's perfectly fine with Matt lying, though. When Matt and Colleen get there, they learn that the valet has quit and she's ready to track him down. That's when Matt tells her that she keeps losing things on her own, but the other valets tell him he should have had her back. Then, Matt finds the ticket in the car. He doesn't tell her, but he does apologize and tells her he believes her, which makes everything okay in her eyes.

I found this week's episode of Life in Pieces to be pretty dull. None of the stories were really that entertaining, and some were completely laugh-free. The first and fourth story were both very bland, while the second provided equal parts laughs and annoyance and the third was just okay. I'm honestly really disappointed with the show as of late, as it had a mediocre start, got better, and is not mediocre again. I wish it would have stayed as good as the Thanksgiving episode, because these past two episodes have been rough. Especially this one, which didn't even have one great story like last week. Hopefully next week's Christmas episode can turn things around, and for good this time.
My Score: 6/10
My Grade: C-

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