Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 Episode 9 Review ’99’

***Spoilers Ahead***


Given the title of the series, the reason that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is doing a '99th' episode instead of a '100th' should be self-explanatory. The cop show always knocks it out of the park for milestone episodes and '99' is no exception. Through the road trip premise and single-plot structure, the installment manages to showcase the well-developed relationships between the characters and produce an enjoyable half-hour of comedy.

The landmark episode centers on the squad going to the funeral of former Captain McGintley in LA. Right off the bat, '99' offers up a throwback to the pilot and the scenario fits well in the show's universe. After Holt finds out he is in the running for Cheif Commissioner of the NYPD, the squad must catch a flight to New York to reach his meeting in time. But, in true Nine-Nine fashion, they miss it and hilarity ensues in the form of a wild road trip. Each new victory leads to a setback in a fun way and we get to see how each of these characters crack under pressure. Ultimately, this episode takes many elements from Season 2's 'Beach House' (Terry wanting to relax, Amy trying to be cool, Boyle getting intertwined in Rosa's dating life) and adds its own touch to it. Out of all the aspects in '99', my favorite has to be the relationship between Peralta and Holt. It's great to see that Jake has his back and is determined to get him to the interview even if Holt sabotages his chances along the way. While the captain eventually does go the interview, he reveals to the squad that he took the deal from Seamus Murphy in order to get Jake & Rosa out of jail. I'm glad that the show is addressing this plot point from earlier in the season and the fact that it'll produce real consequences.

Aside from the main story, one other major plot point is that Rosa comes out as bisexual. As expected, the series handles this very well. The fact that Diaz has been hiding this personal fact is true to her character given that we know next-to-nothing about her. It'll be interesting to see if Diaz decides to tell the rest of the squad or simply keep it between her and Boyle.

Overall, the 99th episode of the series easily excels in the comedy department. For the third time in a row, the show is able to breathe without three plots. Also, since there is only one plot, the story feels fleshed out and the road trip plot is thoroughly satisfying. Finally, it sets the stage up for what should be an exceptional one-hour fall finale.

Stray Thoughts
  • RIP McGintley. Wish he would've made one last appearance.
  • I'm surprised that Jake is so embarrassed to call Holt "dad" after he did in Season 4's "The Overmining".
  • Glad that we're getting a full-hour on Tuesday. But, then B99 goes on an indefinite hiatus.
  • For Gina fans, she'll be returning for the fall finale.
  • Also, RIP American Creeper
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Grade: A

What your thoughts on '99'? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Catch the fall finale on Tuesday at 9/8c on FOX.

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