Man With a Plan Season 2 Episode 5 Review

On this week's Man With a Plan, Andi accuses Adam of sexism after he refuses to hire a female foreman. It should be interesting, so let's see how this plays out.

Lowell and Don tell Adam about applicants for a mall foreman job, though Andi wants them to consider a woman. Andi implies that he's a sexist, because he's saying that women aren't as good as things as men at some things. He says that no women want the job, but since he never actually gave women a chance to hear about the job, that's not a great argument. Later, the guys are conducting interviews, but all the guys are really terrible. A woman then come in for the job, much to Don's surprise (and, seemingly, delight).

The woman, Zara, aces her interview and even gets me of their underperforming workers back in line. She gets the job, though Don feels as if he's seen her before. At home, Adam introduces Andi to Zara, and Andi is absolutely floored that he hired a woman. He wants her to take back her words about him being sexist, and she apologizes and tells him she's sorry and that he's "blossoming into a beautiful flower-husband." Don then tells Adam how he knows Zara: she was a dancer at a strip club. Andi's immediately a little less proud of Adam.

Andi isn't comfortable with Adam working with a former stripper, so Adam soon gets on a high horse and acts like he's morally superior. She wants him to fire Zara. Adam wants to make sure Don's right. Don's very sure it's true, like 50/50. Kate asks Andi if she heard anything from school about being on the boy's sports team, though Andi and Adam don't tell her that the school replied by saying they'd think about it. Adam and Andi start thinking of ways to ask Zara if she's a stripper, as they don't want to just ask her straight up. Adam soon asks her to her face if she was a stripper, because everything else they've been trying has failed. Zara admits it with no shame, and she asks him if it'll be a problem. She tells them why she was a stripper, and Adam and Andi let her stay employed. That night, Kate tells them that she got an email from the school that she can't play on the boy's team. Adam decides that he's not gonna stand for this, and he goes down to the school with Andi so she can yell at the principal. She calls the principal sexist, and threatens him with her 18 Twitter followers. This somehow works, which makes Kate happy. Later on, Kate tells Adam and Andi that he hates being on the boy's team, and that she wants to be on the girls team again. Oy vey.

Once again, MWAP delivered a thoroughly entertaining episode. However, this was probably my least favorite of the season, despite it still being funny. I wasn't a fan of Kate's short storyline, even though it did provide for a funny ending of the episode. I did, however, like that Don had a more prominent role this week than he has had so far this season. I've missed him.
My Score: 8/10
My Grade: B

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