Will & Grace Season 10 Episode 5 Review

This week's Will & Grace takes on the #MeToo movement in an episode that is sure to be heartbreaking, especially since it also includes a visit to the grave of Grace's late mom Bobbi. Also, Will and Karen battle over who will be Jack's best man, which can only end one way: badly.

Grace's dad wants to go on a trip to Schenectady, but she's dreading it. She tries to make excuses, but Will won't help her because he wants her to have some time with her dad. She finally agrees to go, and wants Will to go too, but Jack is having a lunch to celebrate his upcoming wedding so he can't. At the lunch, Will and Karen argue over who will pay and it's revealed that they both think they're going to be Jack's best man.

Jack's best man will be decided by a lip-sync monologue battle between Will and Karen. Grace and her dad get into an argument about his treatment of women, which leads to an argument about his old friend Harry. She tells him that Harry molested her when she was fifteen, and that she remembers every detail of that day.

The monologue lip-sync battle ends in a tie, and they hold a quiz to find out who knows Jack the best.   Meanwhile, Grace goes to her mom's grave to tell her that she finally told her dad her long-held secret. Back at the Jack quiz contest, Jack announces that both Will and Karen will be his best man, because they both deserve it.

This was a devastating episode, but also a wonderful one. Debra Messing did a spectacular job as she unveiled the horrible secret that Grace has kept from her dad for decades. Messing delivered the reveal with such emotion and in a way that absolutely broke my heart, making this one of the most emotional moments of Will & Grace that I can remember. Robert Klein was also fantastic in the scene, and I genuinely felt bad for Martin, just not nearly as bad as I felt for Grace. The scene at Bobbi's grave was also heartbreaking, and Messing once again did spectacularly here. The side-plot about the fight to be Jack's best man wasn't nearly as gripping as the main plot, but it proved a much-needed comic relief during this emotion-heavy episode.

Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

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