Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 8 Review

It's the last Life in Pieces of the year, and it's time to celebrate Christmas with the Shorts. The best present the show could give me is for the episode to actually be good, but we'll see...

In the first short, Greg is driving in his car rocking out to Carol of the Bells, looking really stupid. It's a great gift for Matt, who gets that whole mess on video.

In the second short, Tyler and Clementine are having a holiday party and their tine house is completely filled with people. Everyone is miserable, especially Joan, who falls over. They have to lift her out, though Tyler and Clementine think she's crowdsurfing.

In the third short, John gives a donation to charity, but he accidentally gives $100 instead of $10. He breaks in to the bucket, but he lets them keep it when he sees that it's the only donation there.

In the fourth story, Greg, Heather, & Matt decide to recreate one of Joan's favorite pictures. Once they get in the bathtub to recreate it, Matt says that he wants it to only be from him, though he eventually agrees that it can be from all three of them.

In the fifth short, Joan has an appointment with Gary, who is upset about having Christmas without his wife, though he does want peppermint bark. Joan gets in a fight with a Roomba, which John got her for Christmas. Later, the Roomba commits suicide. (The suicide rate DOES go up at Christmastime.)

In the sixth short, Jen gets scared by a bee in the house, and the exterminator tells her that they have a bee hole, which he then fills.

In the seventh short, Matt and Colleen bring some wine to Joan's party, though nobody's drinking it. They decide to take it home for each other to drink, and they sneak out with it. Before they get out, Joan stops them to get their wine, which the already had.

In the eight short, Sophia can't sleep because it's the day before Christmas. She drinks milk, but then she acts all weird to Sam and Tyler. That milk she drank was actually eggnog, which had alcohol in it.

In the ninth short, Jen and Greg get a dog for Lark, but he's huge. He rips all of the presents apart and wakes up Jen and Greg. Greg can't control him, and neither can Jen. He then drags the tree out, though they are able to fix things, and they give her thedog's crate as her present.

In the tenth short, Tim wakes up early on Christmas to dress as Santa and he notices a grey pube. He's depressed about it, even when the others are awake to celebrate Christmas. He then gets the grand idea to use one of Sam's new art pens to color his grey hair. Sam walks into the bathroom, and thinks he's doing something else.

In the eleventh short, Heather opens up her Christmas gift, which is a tea pot with cherries on it. She then gets a bunch of other cherry Christmas presents, including earrings and a toilet brush. She flips out, because she's done with cherries. She days the next person to give her a cherry-themed Christmas gif is dead to her. Then Sophia, who made her a cherry-themed Christmas gift, walks out with her present.

In the twelfth short, Joan gets her present from the kids, which she loves. Sophia opens a gift from "Santa," a DVD that says "Play Me." It has pictures of everyone as a kid, and also the video of Greg in the car, rocking out to Carol of the Bells. Tim, of course, is only worried about being excluded.

I wasn't sure how to feel about this episode at first, but I eventually got on board with it. This was a fun way to celebrate Christmas with the Shorts, even if some stories weren't great. I also liked how it all culminated in the twelfth short, with some of the earlier shorts playing a major part in that short. All in all, this was an enjoyable Christmas episode, unlike any others I've seen this year.
My Score: 8.5/10
My Grade: B+

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