Jess’s Take: 5 Best and Worst of 2017 in TV Ratings

Welcome to the latest installment of Jess's Take. It's been busy in television ratings and I have decided to make a list of what the best and the worst in television ratings from each network in 2017.

TV Ratings Best:
1. The Good Doctor - It's the number one newbie of this season and is the highest rated 10pm show on ABC.
2. This is Us - This show continues to deliver monster ratings in its second season on the air. It is stronger than most of the sophomore class overall. I expect this show to remain strong to come.
3. Young Sheldon - This show has a life of its own outside of the parent show. The spinoff continues to deliver solid ratings for CBS.
4. Bob's Burgers - Bob's is pulling solid numbers for FOX Sundays and is currently up year to year in its eighth season.
5. Supernatural - For 13 seasons, the only CW show older than its network (it started airing on WB) has been pulling solid ratings. This season is no exception, as it is currently the second highest rated show on the network based on its average.

TV Ratings Worst:
1. 10 Days in the Valley - This drama's ultra-low ratings made ABC move the show to Saturdays like Still Star-Crossed.
2. Great News - This show's 0.4 A18-49 rating on Thursday night shows it is just wasting its Will & Grace time slot.
3. 9JKL (aka 9JKLosingMyNielsens) - The CBS comedy continues to be the lowest rated comedy on the revised CBS Monday lineup. It wasted its Big Bang time slot, and it wasn't long until CBS pulled Me, Myself, & I from the schedule.
4. The Exorcist - Who in the heck greenlit a second season of this dreck? I'd take two more seasons of Rosewood over this. Even I can't make a profits vs. ratings case for this.
5. Dynasty - Soap operas just do not work in 2017 for primetime. The only solace it has is the Netflix deal and I'm not sure it justifies the means.

There you have it! My 5 best and worst for 2017! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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