The Simpsons Season 29 Premiere Review

The Simpsons returned tonight for its 29th season, and I'm very excited. I've missed my favorite yellow family over the Summer hiatus, and it's great to finally have them back. Tonight's episode sees the Simpsons in a magical medieval world, so we won't actually be seeing the "real" Simpsons tonight. Anyways, it sounds like a fun episode.

The Simpsons are eating dinner when a knight bursts through their wall. Homer is forced to kiss the hoof of the knight's horse, and then the knight bursts through their other wall. Lisa's not happy about that, and she goes on a rant. Homer's upset by her anti-feudalist rant, and he tells her just how great feudalism is. Without it, he says, they wouldn't have their tiny little house. Then, Milhouse arrives to tell the family about severed heads being placed on the city walls, so Bart asks the family to go. Marge agrees, but she wants to get her mom first. So they get Jacqueline from her wonderful retirement home, and they head to see the heads. Once again, Lisa gets upset, this time because the heads of the rich get the "best view." Homer wants her to stop her rant, and then Marge starts talking about how great their county is. Then, she notices that Jacqueline's skin is turning blue and cold. They take her to Barber Hibbert's, and he tells them that Jacqueline has progressive frozen mortification, from an icewalker. Hibbert tells her that Jacqueline will be frozen solid in about a week, and there's just one treatment. The treatment is an Amulet of Warmfyre, but Homer says it costs too much for them to afford. Marge tries to think of a way to get 100 gold pieces, but Homer isn't willing to sell all of their possessions for her. So Marge kicks him out, and tells him that he won't be able to set foot in their home unless he gets money to save Jacqueline.

Homer is at the power plant working, when he sneaks out of the wheel turning area to see Lord Montgomery. He asks Montgomery for an advance on his salary, and also for a salary. Montgomery reveals to him that the wheel isn't hooked up to anything, and it's just for human misery. This misery helps him to have wings (that do nothing), and so he turns down his request. Homer's walking the streets with Lisa when she pulls him aside and turns his lucky lead nugget into gold using her magic. She's been keeping her abilities secret because she doesn't want the King to take her away to be one of his evil wizards, and Homer agrees to keep it a secret. Homer goes to buy the amulet, and he brings it home. Marge is pleased, but Bart is suspicious. When Marge goes to give it Jacqueline, but she rejects her. She's ready to die, and Marge is heartbroken. So Jacqueline agrees to to wear it for her daughter's sake. Jacqueline is miserable, and the family (other than Marge) isn't exactly ecstatic either. Then, wizards come to take Lisa away. They know she's been using witchcraft, and so, she's property of The Crown (no, not the Netflix show). Homer tries to stop them, but Wizard Apu stops him. But the wizards aren't all bad.  They leave a new peasant girl for the family as a replacement. See, they're cool!

Homer announces to the family that he's going to save Lisa, no matter how many nobles he has to kill. Bart points out the hypocrisy in this, because Homer is feudalism's #1 fan. But Homer doesn't care, he just wants Lisa back. Homer heads out to the village and convinces them to help him with his quest. They all agree, and they're ready to attack. Some magical trees  come to announce that they'll help. The villagers turn them into ladders, but the trees easily could have torn down to castle walls. Either way, the townspeople successfully scale the castle walls and attack the knights. Lisa appears in a tower to ask for help, and the Milhouses (Milhi?) go to save her. The knight from earlier appears on a dragon and starts killing the townspeople. While this is happening, Jacqueline tells Marge that it's her time to go. Marge agrees to let her go, and Jacqueline rips her amulet off. Jacqueline immediately freezes, and she charges towards the dragon. It tries to kill her, but it can't, not until she gets into its mouth. This causes it to fall over and die, and the townspeople declare victory. Lisa embraces the family. Then, it is revealed that Lisa no longer possesses magical powers, due to the death of the final dragon. Also, any magical and wondrous creatures will fade away, meaning that most of the townspeople are gone. Homer isn't pleased, and so he brings the dragon back to life. The dragon burns the village, and now the townspeople are left without anywhere to live.

I LOVED this season premiere, it was so creative and fun, and it was great to just see these beloved characters in ways we usually don't. The entire story was super entertaining, and I just loved some of the magical creatures like the gelatinous cube and the Smurf-like creatures in Krusty's pants. I also loved seeing Jacqueline in this episode, because she hasn't really been in many recent episodes. All in all, this was a very strong return for the Simpsons, and it gives me a lot of hope that this season can be even better than the last one.
My Score: 10/10
My Grade: A+

You already know how I felt about the episode, but how did you like it? Let me know in the comments, and vote in the poll below.

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