Ghosted Pilot Review

I was never a fan of The X-Files, but I was a fan of a show inspired by it called Fringe. So when I first heard about Ghosted, I knew I had to get on the hype train. And when Adam Scott, Craig Robinson and director Jonathan Krisel came on board, I pretty much went ahead and reserved myself a seat on the hype train.

 I think I may have gone a little too far with the train metaphor.


Ghosted follows the adventures of Max Jennifer and Leroy Wright as they solve crimes of paranormal nature. The first episode involves them getting captured by The Bureau Underground, a secret organization handling paranormal cases. They are brought in after one of their agents mentions them in a message before he disappeared. Max and Leroy are then offered a deal to get back their former lives in exchange for their cooperation.

One thing the show certainly has going for it is the lead actors. Adam Scott and Craig Robinson are already established comedy stars so this show is a great way to display their talents. Their chemistry and interactions between each other are the highlight of the episode. Unfortunately, that's the positive part of this review. Individually, I found Adam Scott's Max kind annoying and the rest of the characters had hardly any screen time though I'm sure that will change in future episodes. Perhaps the biggest problem for me was the pacing. Max and Leroy were introduced in their normal jobs only for a few minutes and then they were thrown smack dab into the investigation. It all felt very sudden for me. Hopefully this changes soon.

Overall, the pilot felt pretty OK to me but I feel the show definitely has potential for greatness. I'm a big fan of The Office and Parks & Recreation so seeing their stars on this show really makes me hopeful for its success.

Quote of the week: "I'm Barry, I'm your kidnapper and I work for a top secret  government agency and unfortunately that is all I can say about that."

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