The Good Place S2E4 Review

Clues have been left and plans have repeatedly gone wrong, and now a clear direction can be seen for The Good Place's second season, a direction I would never have expected at the beginning of last week's episode. Where exactly it will go from here is a mystery, and it's a journey I am excited to embark on.

S2E4 "Team Cockroach"

The group of four is unsure if they can trust Michael. They talk about what to do, and it's funny when Jason has stupid things to say, and when Eleanor gets frustrated with Tahani. Eleanor doesn't trust Michael, and why would she? This is Eleanor, she didn't trust anyone in life. Eleanor refuses to go along with Michael's plan, but then he offers the group something: a chance to go to the real Good Place.

While Eleanor and Chidi work on a decision, Tahani acts stubbornly and arrogantly, which leads to Michael deciding to let her remember how she died. This is one of the things I wanted to learn in season two, so I'm glad we're learning it now. It highlights why she ended up in the Bad Place: most things she did were due to being jealous of her sister. This also makes sense as to why it was revealed now and not in season one, because that would have given away the twist.

Everyone but Eleanor is ready to side with Michael, and she plans to run away to the Medium Place. But, after a discussion with Chidi, Eleanor decides to ask Michael about how often Chidi refused to help her, which was never. This causes Eleanor to finally agree, with one condition: Michael has to partake in the ethics lessons. I'm really interested in seeing how that goes.

I didn't focus as much on the funny above, because there was a lot going on story-wise, but this was still a funny episode. Janet demonstrating how she could pat her head and rub her stomach was hilarious. Jason was really dumb this week. It's entertaining, though is it getting to be a bit much now? And we can't forget your weekly reminder that Janet is not a robot.

The story didn't progress as much as I would have liked this week, but it made sense that Eleanor would be suspicious of Michael and the deal he is offering them. The weakest point of the episode was the last couple of minutes, which weren't especially interesting, and didn't do anything to make me excited about the next episode, like the show usually does. Still, it was a funny and interesting episode.

Score: 9/10

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