Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 Episode 2 Review ’The Big House Pt.2’

***Spoilers Ahead***

The Big House Pt. 2

 David Haley (Left), Andy Samberg (Right). photo: Ray Mickshaw/FOX
Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a knack for creating exceptional arcs and cliffhangers. The past two season finales had me on the edge of my seat as the characters were put in dire and life-threatening situations. Unfortunately, the series can't seem to end these arcs in a cohesive and satisfying manner. The Figgis arc finished off with the crime boss easily being captured despite being billed as an extremely dangerous force. I wish I could say that 'The Big House Pt. 2' does a better job of closing the prison arc but it simply does not. The events of the episode feel rushed as the writers struggle to bring things back to the status quo.

The best part of this episode is Jake and his struggles in prison. Him being high on meth and put in solitary confinement really showcased Samberg's acting chops. At the same time, it added a new level of comedy and provided a bulk of the laughs for this episode. This proves that Samberg can play a crazy person well. Also, I enjoyed how Caleb ended up saving Peralta's life at the end. Despite being a cannibal, it's really hard not to like the guy for committing such a noble act. Tim Meadows was incredible as always in his guest appearance and I hope they can worm him into future episodes. Ultimately, the only problem with this plot is that we simply don't get enough material. Nevertheless, Brooklyn Is The New Black was a hilarious ride.

The plot with the squad is less interesting but essential for the arc to end. Just like 'Coral Palms Pt.3', Hawkins is taken down in a very effortless fashion despite how clever she was at the end of last season. There were some funny moments scattered in the episode but it was ultimately a letdown. 'The Big House Pt. 2' focuses more on returning back to normal than it does to wrap up the story well. In the end, I can't say I didn't enjoy the B-plot, but I wish it had been stretched out a bit more. The big twist came at the end when the episode reveals that Holt was only able to take down Hawkins with the help of mobster Seamus Murphy. I admire the show for taking a different direction, but it still doesn't make up for the sloppy way they handled the prison arc.

Additionally, I'm still shocked that the writers decided to not show Rosa in prison. We never got a single scene with her interacting with other people in jail. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is usually a lot better at exploring each character's situation, so I'm more than a bit disappointed that they didn't focus on it.

'The Big House Pt. 2' has some good moments, but the writers close the arc in a clumsy manner. Hawkins was pictured as an unstoppable force so one would think that it'd take more to defeat her. If Brooklyn Nine-Nine wants to continue pulling off these amazing cliffhangers, the writers must fully develop and close the story at the beginning of the following season. If not, then they might as well just stick to having regular finales like the first two seasons.

Stray Thoughts
  • For a moment, I actually thought that Rosa had attacked Hawkins. B99 doesn't do that many dream sequences.
  • When Holt disguised himself as a straight man, I wish he had alluded to Greg.
  • Boyle's hair needs to change back to its normal color.
  • Speaking of Boyle, it would've been hilarious if he & Caleb met.

Grade: C+

What did you think of 'The Big House Pt. 2'? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Catch an all-new episode next Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c on FOX.

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