TVRG Productions February 2022 News Day: Bar Exam and SugarCity Finale Dates, Farm Team and Coach Garry Premieres, Create Your Own Show + Ongoing Minigame


Welcome to TVRG Productions February 2022 News Day! Once a month, TVRG Productions likes to keep its readers updated on the happenings of its shows. Plus, we’ve extended the deadline to participate in Create Your Own Schedule and are still taking submissions for new shows. Let us know what you think by leaving a reaction and comment!

Bar Exam and its new spinoff, SugarCity, will both have their finales in early March:

Bar Exam Season 5: Sunday, March 6
SugarCity Season 1: Sunday, March 12

Following those finales, TVRG Productions is premiering a new spinoff of The Bullpen, Farm Team, which focuses on the AAA team of the Indianapolis Primitives. The second season of fellow Bullpen spinoff Coach Garry is also premiering later in March. 

Farm Team Season 1: Sunday, March 13
Coach Garry Season 2: Saturday, March 19

Bar Exam has been renewed for Season 6, which will take place in brand new settings. 

Create Your Own Schedule Extension
We’ve extended the deadline to participate in Create Your Own Schedule! In it, participants will take past and current TVRG Productions and make a schedule out of them. Each show receives a one-hour slot, with three hours programmed per night on Mondays through Saturdays. One show can be reserved as a midseason replacement. The shows to choose from have all completed airing at least one full season and are planned for or have aired a second season as well. 

Bake Your Heart Out
Bar Exam
Coach Garry
Evergreen Aimee
Finally Apart
Finally Together
Frances in the Kitchen
Our House
Planet Z
Put Me In
Raymond Island
The Bullpen
The Book of Terri
The Princess Royal
What In The World!
Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream
Writer’s Block

Using the form below, you can submit your own schedule. May the best schedule win! 

Create Your Own Show
TVRG Productions is looking for new shows! If you are interested in writing for TVRG Productions, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you. Don’t worry—your show will not lead to the cancelation of someone else’s. 

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