Marietta Season 4 Episode 15 - Ladies Who Lunch

Marietta Season 4, Episode 15
Ladies Who Lunch

Marietta is sitting in her office when Tammy walks in.

Tammy: Marietta, they’ve landed. We gotta go pick ‘em up

Marietta: Who’s landed? The Eagles?

Tammy: You know damn well who.

Marietta: I’m sort of busy. Can you pick Kate and Ellie up by yourself?

Tammy: I’m capable of it. You know I don’t like doing anything alone. 

Marietta: You can take Amy with you. What’s she busy doing, tweeting?

Amy: I do a lot more than that!

Marietta: That’s right, you also eavesdrop.

Tammy: You ready to go, champ?

Amy: Champ?

Tammy: I thought it was a fun nickname. Guess not?

Amy: Not really.

Tammy: Well, guess we’ll get going then. Marietta, I know you’re “busy” -

Marietta: What’s with the air quotes?

Tammy: - but I just want you to remember we have a lunch date tomorrow with your mom and aunt.

Marietta: I completely forgot about that.

Amy: No one’s surprised.

Later that day, at Marietta’s…

Kate: Marietta, it’s so sweet of you to let us stay here.

Ellie: Us and all two-hundred of our suitcases.

Kate: Do you have room for all of this luggage?

Marietta: Look around, girls. It’s only Sarah and me in this mansion. I think we can make room.

Ellie: We were joking, dear. We don’t have that much luggage.

Kate: We’re only here a week, we can make do with four suitcases each.

Marietta: I can’t believe you’re only here a week. You missed the men’s skating!

Kate: I’m just glad we were able to make it to town in time for the ice dance.

Sarah: Wait, you guys came to town to watch Olympic figure skating? Don’t you have TVs where you’re from?

Ellie: It’s sort of a tradition we have with your aunt.

Amy: One I hope to be let in on this year!

Tammy: Since when do you watch figure skating? You yelled at me when I was watching the Worlds at work a few months ago.

Amy: Well, that’s because you weren’t getting any work done.

Tammy: So?

Amy: You were at work.

Tammy: You’re not my boss.

Ellie: Can you gals talk about this later? I just want to relax, that was such a brutal flight.

Kate: It wasn’t that bad!

Ellie: For you. I had to listen to you provide hockey updates throughout the flight.

Kate: Those were informative!

Ellie: They were not.

Marietta: Ah, it’s good to have the band back together!

Kate: That reminds me! I heard about your big band reunion. How’s that going?

Marietta: We only got back together for the high school reunion. Trust me, I’m not abandoning politics for a music career.

Sarah: You’d be homeless if you had to rely on music as a career!

Ellie: Well I, for one, am glad that Milton is coming to town tomorrow and will be taking her off our hands.

Sarah: That was so rude.

Ellie: Sweetie, I know.

Tammy: Well, I’m going to let you guys settle in and relax. We’ll see you tomorrow for lunch.

Ellie: What about lunch?

Kate: Ellie, are you that forgetful?

Ellie: It’s been a busy day. I started it by screaming at some kook from Arizona on the phone and then followed that up with a long flight. My brain’s shot.

Tammy: She’s grumpy today.

Ellie: I’ll show you grumpy!

Marietta: See you tomorrow, Tammy. Best to go before there’s a murder in my foyer.

Tammy: See you tomorrow, girls!

Amy: No one ever answered me on whether I could join your skating viewing parties.

Kate: The more the merrier! As long as you don’t root for the Russkis!

Amy: Why would I root for Russians?

Marietta: Ask Ellie.

Ellie: Tammy did it, too!

Tammy: Leave me out of this.

The next day, at lunch…

Patty Lynn: Kate! Ellie! It’s been so long!

Kathleen: It’s been, what, a few weeks?

Kate: Month and a half, but who’s counting?

Patty Lynn: It’s so nice to see you both!

Ellie: Where’s Martin? Didn’t he want to interrupt his day to sip cafe au lait and eat sandwiches while listening to us gossip?

Kathleen: He’s too busy watching curling.

Patty Lynn: Whatever that is.

Kate: It’s like sweeping but on ice.

Ellie: Oh, so it’s the only Olympic sport you could do, Kate.

Kate: I could’ve been an ice dancer.

Marietta: We should grab a table.

Patty Lynn: We will soon! We’re tryin’ to catch up now!

Marietta: Can we not catch up at the table? I thought that was the point of the lunch. I had to delay a very important meeting with Marissa for this.

Patty Lynn: I think you’re just hungry.

Tammy: She’s more “hangry” than anything.

Marietta: Tammy, stop making words up.

Tammy: I didn’t make it up.

Kathleen: Oh, look. There’s a table over there.

Ellie: We should probably sit down before Marietta blows an artery.

The ground sits down at the table.

Patty Lynn: So, how have you girls been?

Kathleen: They’ve been blocking the entire Republican agenda, so I’d say they’e been pretty good!

Kate: Oh, I don’t think it’s that bad!

Ellie: Kate, we don’t have a Secretary of Transportation.

Kate: Well maybe if Jankler would nominate someone who doesn’t oppose the concept of infrastructure, we could get one.

Kathleen: I’m not calling you out or anything. Block their nonsense all you want.

Marietta: Can we not talk about politics? I’m sure Kate and Ellie don’t want to focus on that over their senate hiatus.

Kate: Actually, I don’t re-

Ellie: Yeah, let’s talk about something else.

Marietta: The Olympics! Did y’all see the figure skating 

team event?

Kate: Do you need air to breathe?

Tammy: Why are there two American ice dancers named Madison? Are they the same person, are they not? It’s confusing!

Amy: One of them was what?

Marietta: You’ll get to see tonight.

Kate: Tomorrow.

Ellie: What I’m really excited for is the women’s event.

Patty Lynn: Our Louisiana girl is skating again this year! Vicki something?

Marietta: Mary Bradshaw.

Tammy: It’s hard for me to be so passionate about it when they’re letting a girl skate who was doping! Those damn Russians, what a disgrace!

Patty Lynn: Didn’t you root for the Russians in 2018?

Tammy: We all agreed not to talk about that.

Ellie: I don’t recall that.

Patty Lynn: You rooted for them, too!

Kathleen: You guys really, uh… you really… you care a lot about his.

Marietta: Aunt Kathleen, are you okay? You look clammy.

Kathleen: I’m just having some trouble catching my breath. I just need a bit of water

Patty Lynn: All the Olympic talk is making her tired just to think about it. We’re old, even thinking about doing anything athletic takes our breath away.

Kate: Shortness of breath and spontaneous sweating are both signs of a cardiac event.

Kathleen: I’m fine!

Kate: I’m not saying you aren’t, but there are reasons to be cautious. My aunt died of a heart attack that didn’t show any signs that are stereotypically associated with heart attacks.

Kathleen: It’ll be fine, let’s just order our drinks and our food.

Patty Lynn: I’ve been looking forward to this shrimp po’ boy all day.

Kathleen: You wouldn’t shut up about it.`

Marietta: How do you know they’ll have it?

Patty Lynn: Honey, I have been here plenty of times. I know the menu like the back of my hand.

Marietta: Well, it says on the sign that they ran out of shrimp.

Patty Lynn: Are you fu-

Marietta: Aunt Kathleen!

Patty Lynn: What’d she - Kathleen! Get up from there!

Kate: Call an ambulance!

Ellie: I’m not your assistant, Kate. You do it!

Kate: I’m not joking, Ellie!

Ellie: Oh. I’m on it!

Thirty minutes later, at the hospital…

Martin: I don’t understand what happened here!

Marietta: She fainted at lunch. She was complaining about shortness of breath beforehand but she insisted that nothing was wrong.

Patty Lynn: I thought she was just flustered or something.

Martin: Flustered?

Marietta: We were discussing figure skating. This family takes it very seriously, you know.

Tammy: Kate could tell something was wrong. She acted really quickly when she fainted, too.

Martin: Well, thank you, Kate. I don’t know what’s going on with her, but I’m glad she had you there to help.

Kate: I was only helping a friend. I’ve seen firsthand what can happen when you don’t act fast enough, I wasn’t about to wait and let disaster potentially happen. She’s getting the best care possible now, it’ll all be okay.

Martin: You girls are all so sweet to be here, but I think I need to go sit alone with my thoughts.

Marietta: THat’s perfectly valid, dad. Just give us a shout if you need us

Patty Lynn: Do you want me to sit with you.

Martin: Would you be okay with sitting in silence?

Patty Lynn: I think we both know the answer to this.

Martin: I’ll see you later, sweetheart.

Twenty minutes later…

Milton: I got here as soon as I could! Do we know what happened yet?

Tammy: Nothing yet. Kate’s convinced it was a heart attack.

Kate: It’s just based on my personal experience, I know I’m not a doctor.

Ellie: She can say that, but does she believe it? Eh…

Marietta: Where’s Sarah?

Milton: I thought you had her?

Marietta: I came here in Tammy’s car following the ambulance. Why would I have her? I told you to get her!

Milton: I suppose I should call Moira.

Marietta: I suppose you should.

Patty Lynn: Don’t be mean, Marietta. It’s very traumatic for all of us, we’re not thinking straight.

Marietta: I know, I know. That doesn’t mean I won’t take any excuse I can get to make fun of Milton.

Milton: Thanks, sis. I’m so lucky to have someone like you to lean on.

Marietta: I know, right?

Martin: Patty Lynn…

Patty Lynn: Yes, honey? Did they give an update that I missed while our children were arguing?

Martin: I’m going to the vending machine, do you want anything?

Patty Lynn: Mixed nuts?

Tammy: But what about us?

Amy: Tammy…

Tammy: Oh, come on. We can all use a laugh right about now!

Martin: I’ll see what they have. See you soon.

Thirty minutes later…

Patty Lynn: What is taking them so long? We should know something by now! Anything!

Ellie: It’s a busy hospital. Lots of people needing treatment for keg stand-related injuries, I guess.

Marietta: We don’t talk about keg stands.

Tammy: Even the word gives me ‘Nam flashbacks.

Sarah: Aunt Marietta, you’re okay!

Amy: I don’t know about “okay…”

Tammy: Are any of us “okay?”

Marietta: Why do you sound surprised, Sarah?

Sarah: Moira said my aunt was in the hospital!

Moira: I said your dad’s aunt is in the hospital.

Sarah: What happened to Aunt Kathleen?

Patty Lynn: We don’t know, sweetheart. The doctors at this good-for-noth-

Annie (nurse): Are you Kathleen Landfield’s family?

Martin: Yes, we are!

Annie: And what is your relation?

Patty Lynn: We have basically every relation imaginable here.

Martin: I’m her brother. Martin.

Annie: The former mayor?

Sarah: He’s sort of a big deal.

Annie: All right, the doctor is going to come out and explain in greater detail, but your sister suffered a heart attack. She had a massively blocked artery. If this would have happened in the middle of the night, she probably would not have survived. Whoever was with her and called 9-1-1 most likely saved her life.

Ellie: Kate the lifesaver. I’m sure this won’t inflate her ego any further.

Kate: Ego? I believe you’re confusing me for you.

Annie: The doctors performed an emergency triple bypass surgery.

Martin: Triple bypass?

Annie: Like I said, the doctor will explain in greater detail. The important thing is that, though she is in intensive care and is in a medically-induced coma, she’s recovering.

Martin: A coma?

Marietta: They do it to help patients recover. She’s going to be okay.

Milton: What did you hear that on, Grey’s Anatomy?

Annie: She’s actually right. It’s scary to hear, but when we put a patient into an induced coma, it’s just a method of recovery. It’s our best chance at helping her recover.

Martin: So, when can we see her?

Annie: Not for a bit yet, but soon. For right now, just hang tight. In a few hours, the doctors will likely give the all-clear for you to visit her.

Martin: So she’s going to be all right?

Annie: I can’t promise anything, but her vitals are positive and she’s in the best hands possible.

Patty Lynn: Thank you so much for all your help. I never doubted you guys for a second!

Milton: Weren’t you calling it a g-

Patty Lynn: Again, thank you. And, don’t listen to my son. He’s in a state of shock still.

Sarah: Is that what they’re calling the truth now?

Milton: Good one!

Patty Lynn: My dearest friend is in the hospital right now, please don’t do this to me.

Sarah: You’re always giving her hell!

Martin: From a place of love. Kathleen always knew that.

Milton: I bet those road trips couldn’t be good for those arteries.

Patty Lynn: We didn't have that much junk food!

Milton: That isn’t exactly what I meant.

Marietta: I think Milton is accusing mom of attempted murder.

Milton: I did not say that!

Moira: You sort of did, honey.

Milton: Oh, not you, too!

Sarah: Don’t worry, dad, I have your back!

Two hours later…

Dr. Hamilton: Landfields!

Martin: That’s us!

Dr. Hamilton: Oh, trust me, I know.

Marietta: The way he said that, I don’t know if he meant it in a good way or a bad way?

Dr. Hamilton: I just wanted to let you know that you can visit Kathleen now. She’s not conscious, we don’t expect her to be for a few days, but you can visit. Two at a time, please.

Tammy: We’ll be done with our visits in about four hours.

Marietta: Good, just in time to watch ice dancing!

Martin: Thank you for everything, doctor. Thanks for saving her.

Dr. Hamilton: Just doing my job. It’s an honor to serve good people like you and your family.

Marietta: Kate saved her, too. She’s a hero!

Ellie: Again with that word…

Patty Lynn: I’m gonna go in and talk to her. Martin, you coming?

Milton: Oh god, she’s trying to finish the job!

Patty Lynn: You little…!

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