TVRG Productions June News Day: Huge Renewal News + Upcoming Premiere Dates


Another month means another TVRG Productions News Day, where we keep you updated on the happenings of TVRG Productions. Keep on reading to learn about what is possibly the biggest News Day to date. 

MAJOR Renewal News
TVRG Productions premiered in January 2018 thanks in part to “RB Productions” from TV Ratings Guide contributor Rebecca Bunch. Since then, RB Productions has provided TVRG Productions with many other popular series. On the fifth anniversary of Rebecca Bunch joining The TV Ratings Guide, TVRG Productions has major news on RB Productions:

Every single RB Productions show: Bake Your Heart Out, Evergreen Aimee, Frances in the Kitchen, Marietta, Our House, Raymond Island, and the upcoming The Princess Royal have all been given lifetime renewals. This means that every RB Productions show will end when and how Rebecca Bunch wants, including any show yet to be created. Every RB Productions show can always be assumed to continue for another season unless otherwise specified, which would only happen if the show is reaching its natural conclusion. 

Writer’s Block Returns

Writer’s Block was renewed for a third season in January 2020, and the second season wrapped in April 2020. Writer’s Block Season 3 is still planned some time in the near future. While Jessica Boggs wrote the first two seasons, Season 3 will be handled by the original creator of the concept. Above is the Season 3 poster art. 

What’s Ahead
The Bullpen Season 4 Premiere: Saturday, June 5
Bar Exam Season 4 Premiere: Sunday, June 6
Bake Your Heart Out Season 3 Premiere: Thursday, July 8
Frances In The Kitchen Season 2 Premiere: Monday, July 12

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