Duncanville Season 2 Episode 4 Review [Sibling Revelry]

 ***Spoilers Ahead***

Sibling Revelry 

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While they generally show disdain and disgust for each other, Duncan and Kimberly don't often get into heated physical fights that cause pain and property damage. They may frequently hurl insults at each other, but it rarely goes far beyond that. All that is thrown out the window in 'Sibling Revelry', an episode that ramps up the dysfunctional aspect of the brother-sister duo and places their unhinged fighting on full display. Although their brawls may come off as exaggerated and over-the-top, those scenes help push a plotline that puts the two in a riveting, new environment with legitimate danger in sight. 

After the brawls between Kimberly and Duncan become out of control, Annie and Jack decide to send them off to Trust Falls therapy camp so they can work their problems out. As they become acquainted with their new setting, viewers are met with the fact that the Harris siblings can be smart when they decide to be. Instead of continuing to put up a fight like the other kids, Duncan and Kimberly pretend to be kind to each other and work together in order to decrease the amount of time they have to stay at camp. Unfortunately, that minor stroke of genius is canceled out by their stupidity when they reveal to the counselors that they've been putting on an act and then plummet off a zipline into the forest beneath them. 

The installment really shines during this portion, with the action and suspense working overtime to create some genuinely exciting moments. Ultimately, it was a stellar move to cut the camp scenes short to make room for some engaging, Survivor-esque scenarios. In particular, seeing the two being chased onto a decaying bridge by a raging moose definitely raised the stakes to a higher level than usual. On top of that, the way this story rapidly escalates makes 'Sibling Revelry' all the more entertaining. Only a series like Duncanville could transition from the kids fighting to them being shipped to therapy camp to the two fending for themselves in the wild. All this culminates with the Harris siblings finally coming closer together and Annie getting the most from her $2,000 investment. Considering the breakneck pacing that the episode embodies, it does feel a bit refreshing to see 'Sibling Revelry' end on a calmer note. 

As Duncan and Kimberly duke it out in the wilderness, Jing is able to absorb the undivided attention of her parents for the first time. But, she soon realizes that she does not enjoy their constant presence as much as she thought she did. Given the fact that most subplots are unrelated to the main story, it's satisfying that the B-story is a direct result of the central plotline. Jing works best as a comic relief, so it is somewhat awkward to have her character do most of the heavy-lifting in the dialogue department. Still, her "wise beyond her years" shtick remains fairly charming, especially as Annie and Jack morph into child-like figures who need Jing's assistance. If nothing else, this functions as an amusing role reversal that may not make viewers laugh out loud but will likely elicit a chuckle or two. 

'Sibling Revelry' is another strong episode in a second season that feels more ambitious than the first. The writers of the sitcom feel determined to switch up the scenery and character dynamics for each installment, resulting in every outing having its own, distinct atmosphere to it. Duncanville continues to be fun, airy viewing that can catch you off-guard with unexpected sight gags and occasionally tug at your heartstrings. 

Stray Thoughts

  • It doesn't appear that the pandemic exists in the Duncanville universe so it was odd to hear Jack say he got a stimulus check.
  • Another minor character from season 1, Bradley, makes a reappearance. 
  • "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" 
  • While it would be nice to see more of Mr. Mitch, the summer setting probably makes that unlikely. 

Grade: A-


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