2020-21 Season to Date Report (9/6/20-6/7/21): The Summer Class Resumes

 Class is out for the majority of the lineup, who now sport green or red labels.  However, the networks have plenty of original programming to report, and not just reality and game shows!  In an interesting concept, new animated sitcom Housebroken and sophomore Duncanville landed on Monday nights behind Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns.  The results are slightly underwhelming, but welcome as FOX appears to be taking risks of scheduling and exposure.  Despite summers in prior years stereotyped as "low rated," how can they look any different than many other shows scheduled inside the 2020-21 season?  Summer showings for Duncanville and Housebroken will likely feature less interruptions, and FOX is sampling sitcoms away from their Sunday stable.

Though ABC does not have a single original comedy on display, they made a slight modification and moved them over to Tuesdays to allow their ultra-successful gameshow block thrive on Wednesday.  CBS is still airing out late bloomer United States of Al on Thursdays surrounded by repeats, and to surprisingly sturdy numbers.  And several sturdy and marquee dramas such as Station 19, Grey's Anatomy, Law and Order: SVU and Law and Order: Organized Crime are airing their episodes into June with the same success.  Hopefully, networks take notice and begin displaying more scripted series in the summer with less interruptions.  

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