2020-21 Sitcom Scorecard (May 9-June 20): Housebroken Leans Cancellation

 The in-season shows have gone into hibernation, leaving the totals of 18 renewed shows returning, 9 shows cancelled, 2 declaring their final season prior to debut, and then HouseBroken.  FOX seems to be updating their scheduling style and taking CW's attitude of no one seems to give a shit about Nielsens in the 2020's and opened up a cozy berth for summer programming.  While other networks rely on gameshows and reality TV (or in the case of this unorthodox season, finishing up in-season shows into June), FOX has mixed the slate and has animated sitcoms on Monday nights.  They even proppe it against the popular Hell's Kitchen as an ideal lead-in.

So why does HouseBroken still score 0.26 ratings out of Hell's Kitchen's 0.70 rating?  It appears the series may have a lack of interest.  Duncanville's renewals have been shocking at the least as its Spring 2020 performances were so poor, they would have been axed in recent years in the likes of Son of Zorn and Making History.  However, it was handed a 3rd season renewal prior to debut.  It appears FOX is investing in shows to add to its rich history of Animation Domination, and branching outside the (formerly) lucrative Sunday nights.  Under old scheduling patterns, Duncanville and HouseBroken would have plenty of room on Sundays.  

However, FOX seems to hold value in repeats of The Simpsons and Bob's Burgers which incidentally rate higher than originals.  The undesirable Sunday slots are housed to kill off the undesired sitcoms Bless The Harts and The Moodys, two sophomore shows who didn't deserve their return ticket.  So why is HouseBroken at Leans Cancellation?  It could indeed earn a return ticket if FOX is working toward colonizing the summer lineup.  But its ratings against a sturdy lead-in are lackluster, and FOX already committed to Duncanville.  Space is a limited factor in Renew/Cancel, as there's miles of it available in the summer.  Housebroken is not strong enough to have a confident return, but could easily return if FOX deems it profitable.

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