Amazon Prime Video Renew/Cancel: Panic Starts Solid + What Might Stop Tell Me Your Secrets From Being Renewed


Welcome to the latest edition of Amazon Prime Video Renew/Cancel. Below you will find a table of original scripted series’ United States audience demand multiplier presented on a rolling basis of the last 30 days, provided by Parrot Analytics. For example, a 4.2 is 4.2 times the audience demand of the average show. All numbers are updated through June 6, 2021. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

The Underground Railroad & Solos
Both The Underground Railroad and Solos premiered within the past 30 days, and both would be looking like strong contenders for renewal based on their audience demand had they not been miniseries. The Underground Railroad has more demand than every Prime Video original except the trio of shows with 20+ multipliers. Additionally, both are co-produced by Amazon, and Solos is distributed by Prime Video has well (no public word as to who distributes The Underground Railroad). Even though neither show will return for Season 2, Amazon is likely pleased with their performances. 

As is said in the headline, Panic’s current audience demand is solid; nothing more and nothing less. It will likely increase a bit in the next couple weeks due to it not having been 30 days since the premiere yet. A promising sign for Panic is it is both co-produced and distributed by Amazon. Even if it stays steady, I feel confident in its chances for renewal. It would be a bonus if it garnered some international attention. 

Tell Me Your Secrets
When I first predicted renewal for Tell Me Your Secrets, it had just recently premiered, and I had assumed its audience demand would get much higher. Instead, it saw a modest rise and then went right back down to where it started. It’s unclear if Amazon has the distribution rights or not, but it does appear that they are not a co-producer. It is one of the least-demanded dramas despite having premiered relatively recently. All of this contributed to my decision to downgrade Tell Me Your Secrets to a cancelation. 

Absentia’s cancelation is yet another reason why I decided to start paying attention to who produces and distributes a show. The audience demand is solid, and there is demand for it internationally as well. However, Amazon has decided not to commit to another season of this continuation. Not being an in-house production and being distributed by Sony, not Amazon, certainly could not have helped Absentia’s case for renewal. It should be noted that while Alex Rider is also distributed by Sony and has a lower U.S. audience demand multiplier, it’s been just over a year since the first season was released. As such, its audience demand right now is much lower than when they made the decision to renew it. Since The TV Ratings Guide is to my knowledge the first and only website to predict renewals and cancelations for streaming services based on empirical data, tweaks to the prediction process are always being made to come up with predictions as reliable as possible. 

What Else?
Wikipedia has claimed The Bug Diaries, Baahubli: The Lost Legends, Jessy & Nessy, Homecoming, and Tales from the Loop have all been canceled. Given no sources were provided, I am going to simply keep the predictions I’ve already made. 

I have been predicting cancelations for the first three all year due to low audience demand. Disney having the distribution rights to Tales from the Loop is not a good sign for the show, but I don’t feel comfortable waiting until after the cancelation rumor to downgrade it. A Homecoming cancelation wouldn’t surprise me if Amazon doesn’t have the distribution rights, but that information is currently unknown. 

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